Gorgeous Ladies of 'GLOW' Tackle Racism and Sexism with Wrestling Jobs on the Ropes in Season 2 Trailer
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"I'm not the only offensive character," Kia Stevens explains of her "Welfare Queen" character. "Everyone's offensive."

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are back and facing even bigger challenges in "GLOW" Season 2.

The trailer for the upcoming batch of new episodes teases Alison Brie leading the cast in a battle against sexism, but unfortunately, they're stuck settling for the racism of the era.

The 1980s were not the most woke period in entertainment, and certainly not in professional wrestling. Sunita Mani -- who plays a character of Middle Eastern descent dubbed Beirut the Mad Bomber -- sums it up when she picks up her costume. "My costume still smells like beer," she laments, then grabs a bullet belt and adds, "And racism."

It's just as bad for Kia Stevens' character, Tamme, who gets recognized by her ring name -- Welfare Queen -- while out with her son.

"What'd you call my mama?" her son jumped in.

"It's a wrestling show," she explained to him patiently. "I'm not the only offensive character. Everyone's offensive."

The trailer is high on laughs and action, but also touches on some more serious issues as the women learn the challenges of being a woman and working in entertainment decades before the #MeToo movement. It looks like Brie's character jeopardizes the future of the show by turning down the advances of a high-level television executive.

"It shouldn't be that way," Brie complains.

This season will follow the underdogs beating the odds to fight their way to the top, all while wearing the outrageous '80s spandex we love.

"GLOW" Season 2 starts streaming on Netflix on June 29.

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