Meghan McCain Rips Robert De Niro's 'Gross' Tony Awards Trump Slam on 'The View'
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While Sunny Hostin applauds the actor for expressing his constitutional right to free speech, McCain isn't thrilled.

Robert De Niro's on stage f-bomb aimed at Donald Trump got a standing ovation at the Tony Awards Sunday night, but at least one of the women on "The View" wasn't as enthusiastic about it when they debated the viral moment Monday morning.

With no context or setup, the venerated actor walked out on stage and said, "I'm just going to say one thing: F--k Trump!" As the audience erupted in cheers, De Niro quickly added, "It's no longer 'Down with Trump.' It's 'F--k Trump!"

"I thought that crowd was just full of Canadians," cracked guest co-host Ana Navarro, referring to POTUS' high profile spat with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the weekend.

While Sunny Hostin didn't love how De Niro spoke, she respected his decision to do it in the first place.

"I didn't care for the choice of language, I know it was bleeped out. I thought it was a bit crass, but people are feeling strongly about politics today and I think rightfully so," she explained. "If that is the way that De Niro chose to express that and that is the way the crowd chose to receive it, this is still America, you get to say wheat you want to say, it's constitutional. I appreciate that he felt strongly enough to make that statement."

Meghan McCain, however, was totally against it. "I thought it was gross and I think that when you're talking about how Trump is degrading our national discourse with his language, this is not the way to combat Trump," the resident conservative said.

"It only helps him," McCain continued. "You have Bill Maher over the weekend saying I think one way to get rid of Trump is crashing the economy, so please bring on the recession. Samantha Bee's comments about Ivanka Trump, it rallies, it's like a siren song for the right."

"Turn on Fox News right now, I'm sure this is just on repeat," she rightfully added. "It gets very tribal and this is not the way to combat it. If he had something to say about Trump, he's an eloquent, well known actor, I'm sure he could say a lot of things about Democracy and freedom -- much like we did a the top of this show -- that would have been a lot more effective."

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