Rachel Bloom Says She Was 'Devastated' by Neil Patrick Harris' 'Bizarre' Tony Awards Shade
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Shortly after Bloom speaks out, again, NPH apologizes.

"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" star Rachel Bloom not only clapped back at Neil Patrick Harris over Tony Awards shade on Twitter last Sunday, she talked to GQ at length about it.

"I saw that tweet. And I was kind of devastated," Bloom said in a article published Wednesday. "I was actually going to tweet, 'This makes me sad.' But then I was like, 'Ehhhhhhhhhh...I don't want to give him that, necessarily.'"

Bloom was a backstage correspondent at the Tonys, and Harris criticized her on Twitter and asked his followers who she was, even though the actors have met several times. Here's what Bloom did say, at the time.

While speaking to GQ, Bloom was still baffled as to how the sitcom star and former Tonys host did not recognize her.

"Look, I've met him a couple times. Very recently, backstage in the dressing room of a Broadway show. And we hung out for a solid 15 minutes with the star of this Broadway show," she said. "It was just bizarre to me that it wouldn't ring a bell. And also, that he wouldn't Google it."

"But look, he's not a writer," she added. "So his version of a Twitter joke is to just kind of...live-comment to Twitter followers with kind of random, unformed thoughts. And fame does that to you -- where you think every kind of random, unformed thought is a gem, because you get 10,000 likes from it."

Harris sort of apologized in another tweet after her initial clapback.

"I guess what I would say is, the thing he said in response [to my tweet] wasn't really an apology as much as saying, like, 'Well said! Thanks for the reminder,'" Bloom pointed out.

"I guess, the final thing I'll say about that is: Look, he didn’t say that I was terrible," Bloom continued. "It was just kind of a random thing. But I think, if he wants to be gracious: He has 27 million Twitter followers."

"He could check out an episode of the musical TV show 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' -- which is, right now, the only musical show on television. And tell his 27 million Twitter followers to check it out. I wouldn’t hate that!"

She also cleared up any speculation that she's upset with Harris' son, Gideon.

"Someone pointed out, 'Well, maybe your beef isn't with Neil. Maybe it's with his son Gideon,'" Bloom said. "And I was like, 'You know what? You're right. That child and I now have beef.' You have the exclusive! I'm in a feud with his child!"

"Just to be clear: That's a joke. I wish his child well. And I hope that his child gets into a great school. And if he chooses not to go to college, that he finds a trade or profession that makes him happy and fulfilled."

Just as TooFab was about to publish this article, NPH tweeted out an apology.

The fourth (and final) season of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" will air later this year.

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