Nikki Bella's Brother Says Breakup with John Cena Was NOT a Publicity Stunt
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JJ Garcia shuts down speculation that his sister's highly publicized breakup is simply to help bring eyes to "Total Bellas."

The Nikki Bella-John Cena saga has everyone wondering if the highly publicized breakup is nothing more than one, big publicity stunt -- but Nikki's brother, JJ Garcia, is adamant that's not the case.

Although the split has been well documented on this season of Nikki and twin sister Brie Bella's reality show, "Total Bellas," JJ says the 6-year relationship, proposal and sudden split is all very real.

"The one thing I can tell you for a fact is that it wasn't for the ratings or for the show at all. It actually threw the show for a loop," JJ told AfterBuzz TV on Thursday after saying Nikki had asked him "not to say anything" regarding her relationship.

"We were planning to film certain things, and all of sudden, 'OK, we are not filming,'" JJ's wife, Lauren, added.

A big challenge Nikki and John faced during the course of their relationship was their differing views on starting a family. Since the split, though, John has come out publicly and said he now knows for certain that he wants to be the father of Nikki's children, and JJ "definitely" believes him.

"When I met Lauren, things changed," he said. "I'm not the same person I was before Lauren. We change as a person, especially for the person you love. There was one thing for him. John loves Vivienne and he loves Birdie. He has a blast with them. And even my cousin's kids he has blast with. I think it definitely changed for him. Once you have a kid, it's a totally different love you will ever experience. And I think his eyes got open to that and he wants that."

JJ also said that his sister and Cena are both very "private" people, and that "what they are going through, they want it between them."

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