72 Photos of Trump Looking 'Handsome and Thin and Perfect'

The comedian passionately explains why "f--king lazy" millennials need to vote.

Billy Eichner made an emotional, dramatic plea for young people to get out and vote on "Real Time with Bill Maher" Friday, describing the resistance against President Donald Trump as "a battle of good versus evil."

"There's a f--king culture war!" Eichner said on the HBO show. "When you're dealing with someone like Trump who is ripping infants from their parents, from their mothers, this is a battle of good versus evil -- and I don't think it's oversimplifying it and that's why young people have to vote."

The "Billy on the Street" host discussed his new Funny or Die campaign, "Glam Up The Midterms," which encourages millennials and the younger generation to get up and vote.

"But when I asked my following why the ones who didn't vote California didn't vote if they could, I got a lot of frustrating, but honest responses," Eichner said.

"What does that mean?" Maher asked, to which Eichner replied, "It means that people are still pretty, f--king lazy."

Another panelist, Margaret Hoover -- a conservative commentator and critic of Trump -- agreed with Maher that "Republicans who are not Trumpsters" need to vote Democrat in the polls.

"Don't you have to vote for the Democrat?" he asked. "You can't do that bullshit anymore, you need to actually vote for the Democrat."

"Yes!" Hoover said. "You have to vote your principles. If there's a Trump person in your district, than you have to vote for the Democrat that case."

"I had to get that confession out of you, with a rubber hose and a light," Maher said.

Maher also weighed in on the steady stream of police brutality that continues to make headlines, calling for a #MeToo movement for cops during his "New Rules" segment.

"We need to stop saying most cops are good like we know that to be true," Maher said. "I hope it's true, but I need some evidence, unlike cops."

"The bad ones, not the good ones. Problem is we don't really know what that percentage is," he continued, showing multiple clips of police beatings."That's the question I'm asking tonight -- if so many cops are good why are there so many videos of them being bad?"

"That's a lot of videos of guys who barely exist doing shit that hardly ever happens. Not to mention the Milwaukee Buck's Sterling Brown getting tased for a crime white people can't even imagine: existing while black. This is why NFL players want to take a knee –- not because they hate the Anthem."

The late-night host had some advice of what can be done. "We need a #MeToo movement for the police," Maher said. "If Garrison Keillor has to go away for putting his hand on a woman's back, perhaps we should decide what should happen when two men pin a woman down in the sand and punch her in the face."

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