20 Worst Movie Remakes of All Time

Family drama takes the spotlight as this week's episode of "Westworld" gets really, really dark.

"Westworld" finally gave us the foreshadowed scene we've been looking for all season -- plus a possible confirmation of a theory we've had for weeks!

Tinfoil hats at the ready! Let's go!


R.I.P. Teddy

From picking up a can over and over to flashing his own tight and muscular can during a steamy sex scene, we've enjoyed Teddy immensely on this show. But in the beginning of the season, we saw him floating dead with a bunch of other hosts. It was like the sea was made of our tears.

Well, it finally happened. Teddy took his own life as he came to terms with the broken trust in Dolores and the monster she turned him into.

BUT, this might not be the very end for him -- at least, his body. Remember, when we saw him dead at the beginning of the season, he was floating in a bunch of water. How does he wind up next to all the other hosts, bobbing like the fine-ass buoy of our dreams?

The Man in Black... Is He a Robot? Or Not? Just Tell Us Already

We've been courting this theory for a while now -- but we always had it in the back of our minds that it wouldn't pan out.

But then William (Ed Harris) murdered his daughter and a handful of other humans, and started digging in his own arm with his knife!

On one hand, this made us go, "Ohhhh, shit!"

On the other, the show cut before we had confirmation, so it might be a big fake out at this point. Honestly, we're not quite sure how we'd feel if he turned out to be a robot. A little upset that the real Ol' Willy isn't coming to terms with who he is and the darkness inside, but it might be equally as powerful to have Robo Ol' Willy come to terms with the fact that he's actually just a wrinkly Johnny 5.

Either way he just had the worst Father's Day ever.

"So It Goes"

Anyone else notice that William hid his robo-profile in a copy of "Slaughterhouse Five?" If you haven't read it, give it a shot! You might like it when you compare it to "Westworld" -- it's pretty nonlinear, it's science fiction, and it's anti-war.

Is this show anti-war? Why not? We hadn't really thought about it until just now. It's anti-tactics, that's for sure. Did you see the Ghost Nation waltz up to Dolores and Teddy and lose really quickly?

Come. On.

WTF Does Bernard Think He's Gonna Do On His Own?

Yeah, it seems like Ford didn't mind that Bernard was ridding himself of his creator, so maybe Ford thinks Bernard finally has all the tools he needs to eff some shit up and fight for his own freedom. Or, maybe Ford is just going to stick around with Maeve instead, even though he supposedly disappeared after that forehead smooch -- which is on our bucket list, by the way. Hopkins just will not return our calls.

But what can one Bernard do? Hack his way to salvation?

Well, now that we think of it, he can probably figure out how to upload himself (and Dolores) to the satellite or cloud or whatever, based on that theory. But that might not exactly fit the timeline if he's standing above Teddy's floating body in the future. Unless he ONLY uploads Dolores, and she's the only one who escapes. She doesn't seem to have any allies with her anymore.

Still, only one Bernard doesn't seem like much.

Missing Characters

Where are all the missing characters we didn't see during this episode -- or the last few?

We're talking:

  • The tech that decided to join Maeve (we forget his name) instead of going with Lee (the writer).
  • Akecheta
  • Maeve's Daughter
  • Lee

They'll be in the next episode for sure, right? Could any of them been doing anything super important while gone?

We suppose Akecheta and the missing tech could have crossed paths at the battle that had Ol' Willy shot a bunch of times by Maeve, so they could be in cahoots and on their way to the Valley Beyond. Lee might be trying to help Maeve still, too, we suppose.

All of these are just wild guesses at this point. It's just interesting we didn't see Akecheta helping out the other Ghost Nation members that lost the battle so easily with Teddy and Dolores!

We Live For Elsie

Yo, if anyone is getting the raw deal in this show, it's Elsie. She's helping other characters achieve great things, but she keeps being kidnapped, left behind, lied to -- you name it -- and all she wants to do is not be abandoned or kept in the dark.

She's earned a right to help you out, Bernard, you selfish sentient Roomba!

We have not seen the last of her, though -- we guarantee it. She'll get a victory soon, and if not, we'll have no other choice but to riot, HBO.

The Park Could Still Be Tiny

Episode 9 and nothing has disproved this yet. Just a reminder.

Until next week!

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