The Most Vicious 'Jersey Shore' Clapbacks

Mike prepares to pop the question, while worrying Ronnie is in a "f--king dark place."

On Thursday's "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation," Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino got down on one knee and proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Pesce. But having asked for the help of his fellow guidos and guidettes, Mike's magical moment almost ended in disaster.

At the top of the episode, Jenni "JWoww" Farley swallowed her pride after Mike swallowed his, and the two made amends. She then had the task of distracting Lauren -- with the help of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Deena Cortese -- while Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino accompanied Mike to various stores to get flowers, decorations, dessert, etc.

But Ronnie Ortiz-Magro couldn't bring himself to get out of bed and help the guys because he was depressed his life wasn't going as well as Mike's.

"I'm very happy to see Mike in such a good place, but it's hard to watch it because I kind of have my own situation with Jen," Ronnie told the cameras. "And I just started to take it out on everyone, and it's like, that's not something I wanna do."

"I just wanna be happy with somebody," he continued. "I found that with Jen. It's like, she made me so happy but then so f--king miserable. You know, three months ago, you were conflicted on whether you should leave me for your ex, and now you're telling me you wanna keep my child."

Mike was bummed about Ronnie's absence and felt there was "no excuse" for it.

"Ron is missing in action on one of the most important days of my life," he told the cameras. "I consider him a brother, and it's definitely disappointing."

Mike later told Pauly, "[Ron's] obviously in a f--king dark place. He could realize that reality's about to set the f--k in. You're about to have a kid. At the end of the day, there's no excuses. I'm disappointed."

Pauly told Mike he wasn't as concerned with Ronnie being in a "dark place" as he was with him "facing his baby mama" following his bathroom escapade with the girl from the club earlier this season.

"Ronnie's dealing with a lot right now," Pauly told the cameras. "He's overwhelmed. He's getting to know his baby mother, he's getting to know what to do to become a father. He's dealing with a lot, and he doesn't want to ruin Mike's engagement, and that's something you can't do."

Although Ronnie and Mike eventually patched things up before the latter's proposal, it was a short-lived truce. (Next week's episode shows Ronnie exploding on Mike.)

But let's get back to this week's situation.

While the girls were at brunch with Lauren, Nicole ordered a "sex in the bathroom," which she said reminded her of Ron. The other three proceeded to get just as boozy as they praised Lauren for "saving Mike's life." They then went to the hair salon, where they continued to drink.

"This is gonna be a mess putting this together," Nicole said to Deena, who was already two glasses of champagne in. "Bitch, do not f--k this up. Get it together. You're getting drunk, but don't spill the beans!"

Later on, Mike took Lauren out for a beautiful dinner while the rest of Jersey's finest stayed back to decorate the house. Lauren could tell something was up with Mike because he kept nervously getting up from the table to make calls. No one was answering the duck phone back at the Miami pad because they were drunkenly scrambling to set up and get ready. Mike began to panic, so to buy himself more time, he kept ordering food. Eventually, Ronnie pulled through and answered the phone. They were ready.

Vinny met the happy couple at the front door. He escorted them through the house and out to the backyard where Pauly was busy on DJ duty. Set up poolside was a table and two chairs. Balloons, flowers and steamers were everywhere. The girls and Ronnie were off in the distance watching and crying.

After Mike played for Lauren a video montage he had set up on a big screen, he got down on one knee and said, "You're my best friend, my college sweetheart, my better half. You make me a better person. Please make me the happiest man on Earth. Will you please marry me?"

Spoiler alert: She said yes! And everyone cried.

Mike later told the group he felt Ronnie's "horrible decisions" stemmed from "the partying and the drinking." He said he felt Ron was "going to continue to spiral until he fixes his problem." Tune in next week to watch Ronnie pop off.

"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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