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The season finale of "Westworld" is taking the show in a brand new direction.

On one hand, it's really fun guessing what's going to happen on HBO's "Westworld." On the other hand, we're just as pleased when we're wrong because that means we're being surprised around every corner.

If you've been following along with us this season, you'll know we've presented some major theories for our murderous-Johnny-5's, but in the end, none of them were all the way right.

Some wild things happened here at the end, so let's take a look and start making theories for next season!


They Didn't Upload The Hosts... Not How We Thought They Would, At Least

OK, we thought for sure the key to getting past security would be to circumvent it altogether. Turns out, the hosts -- Charlotte (with Dolores inside if her) and five other memory balls -- waltzed right out the front door.

And Stubbs knew! He let her go. We can't wait to figure out how/why he did that.

So, did anyone get uploaded? Yes. The hosts that made the choice to enter the "Valley" were presented with a veritable Eden, an unusual tear in the world where they uploaded themselves as soon as they crossed the threshold.

Then, Dolores, instead of killing everyone like she originally wanted (but got shot by Bernard instead -- trust us, we know, it was a lot to take in) decided to further upload them to where they would be in an inaccessible satellite or location or something.

So that might mean we've seen the last of Teddy (who got a last-second upload from Dolores), Maeve's daughter, and Akecheta.

Speaking Of Stubbs -- Is He A Host Or Not?

Honestly, how much more of this "are they?" or "aren’t they?" can we take? We know it's basically the biggest part of the show, but just as soon as we get a handle on things, they pull something like this.

We just mentioned that Stubbs let Hale/Dolores go, seemingly knowing she was a robot. And he also said things about his "core drive" or "motivation." And on top of that, he said he'd been there since the beginning when Ford brought him on! Wouldn't that be like, 30 years? That Hemsworth ages well if so!

But there's a lot of legroom here. He could have just been being cheeky about it all for Hale/Dolores' sake.

What do you think?

A Lot Of Characters Died, But... Did They?

OK, let's see if we can remember who all bit the dust (if we missed anyone, we're sorry):

  • Maeve Witch
  • Tattoo Lady
  • Tattoo Shogunworld Lady
  • Handsome Murder Cowboy
  • Lee The Poet
  • Charlotte "Valkyrie From Thor" Hale
  • Elsie
  • Zombie Clementine

Elsie hurts, you guys. She doesn't get a funny name out of respect because she got the raw deal all season! She didn't deserve to get played like that! She better be back as a robot with a laser mounted on her shoulder or something.

But, interestingly enough, the two technicians who were along for the ride with Maeve survived. And remember, one of them brought a bird back from the dead in the first season! So all of the hosts on that list are still in limbo, if you ask us!

The humans, though? Well, R.I.P. Lee -- your speech at the end wasn't great, and we're not entirely convinced of your sacrifice.

How Dare They Not Show Us The Rest Of The Parks

We were dying to see the other parks! Chances are, we'll see some of them next year -- because half the fun of the show is being in that world, so we can picture a scenario where they get the other parks back up and running.

We saw 3 of 6:

  • Westworld
  • Rajworld
  • Shogunworld

What are the other three, HBO? Fingers still crossed for Denver, Coloradoworld!

The Man In Black Is Not Dead... Or Is He?

Look, we never saw that he made it down to the bottom of the elevator. He had been shot a whole bunch of times. Yes, we saw him "alive" as Charlotte/Dolores was boarding the boat, but -- did you see the after credits scene?

Try and explain that to us! Remember, using someone you know (Emily) works best for testing people-to-hosts transfers. There's definitely a time jump involved (everything looked abandoned and decrepit), but our guess is just a guess at this point.

But could you imagine an indestructible William out in the real world?

That being said, he really got over killing his own daughter pretty fast, didn't he?

Where Do We Go From Here?

A handful of robots are now loose in the world! Are we going to have an entire season set in reality, or will there be a jump from real-world and the remaining parks?

Also, what was Dolores going on about how she brought Bernard back as a favor or whatever, even though they wouldn't be allies and she knew he would try and stop her? Doesn't that seem like a bad idea?

Either way, it seems like she was trying to rise above human nature, which as we saw from how Charlotte Hale brutally killed Elsie, is quick to eliminate any perceived threats.

Where do you think Season 3, Episode 1 will open when we get it?

The Elephant In The Room

OK, we've been joking all season about there never being a confirmation or denial that the park is, indeed, tiny. You know, and that everyone gets shrunk down to go inside, because otherwise where in the world is there so much space to build parks like these? We understand that oceans are big, but think of the impacts on the currents! And other science-y reasons not!

But, at the end of this finale, we got as close as we're ever gonna get...to a denial.

There were planes and giant boats landing the water for the rescue operations.

Though -- hear us out -- maybe since the train station was blown up, that was the only way to get back to the area to make people grow in size again! The planes and boats were tiny, too!

The theory lives on!!!

Until next seasons, folks!

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