'The Daily Show' Interviews Trump Fans About Space Force and Their Answers Are a Mess

"I think ISIS could get to space," one woman says.

"The Daily Show" went to Trump country again, this time to talk to his loyal base about Space Force -- the president's idea for a new arm of the military that one Trump supporter said is a waste of money, but sounds cool, so America needs it.


"It doesn't make a lot of sense and we'd be wasting a lot of dollars, but at the same time, it's just gonna be cool," one man said before adding, "Pretty much we need regulations in space because you can do anything you want."

When correspondent Michael Kosta pointed out that Trump and the GOP are against regulations, the man admitted, "I stuttered myself here. Space Force, it's just a cool name."

Space Force -- which Trump surprised the nation with on June 18 -- was among the things Trump fans chanted at his most recent rally in South Carolina this week. Outside the event, a female Trump supporter was also all about it, summing up the possible new military service as "space exploration and just finding out what's out there, I guess."

But what about NASA -- the government-funded space exploration agency that already exists and is responsible for putting men on the moon and rovers on Mars?

"NASA is only going to tell us what they want us to know, where as I think Trump will send his own stuff and we will find out the truth," she said.

Other concerns from the supporters interviewed:

"I think ISIS could get to space."

"I think that Space Force could help prevent the next 9/11."

"I'm sure there will be war in space."

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