'Blockers' Cast, Crew Spill Real-Life Prom Stories and Seth Rogen's Is the Worst (Exclusive Video)
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The producer of the raunchy comedy says his prom night did not have a happy ending -- for him, at least.

Prom night in the 2018 teenage sex comedy "Blockers" was one totally debaucherous evening for the movie's characters, filled with house and hotel parties, a "Let's lose our virginity" pact, hallucinogenics, drinking and a surprising lack of time spent at the actual dance.

But for the cast and crew of the film, how did their real life experiences stack up?

TooFab got an exclusive look at one of the bonus features from the film's home video release, as stars John Cena, Ike Barinholtz and Geraldine Viswanathan, director Kay Cannon and producers Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and James Weaver shared their personal stories from high school's biggest night.

"I did go to my junior prom, I had a great time. I didn't do anything outrageous or crazy, well behaved young man," said Cena, who also admitted he didn't go to his senior prom. "I washed dishes and I made money."

While the wrestler-turned-actor only went once, Barinholtz said he went three years in a row. "I got invited as a sophomore by a junior, it doesn't matter," he joked. "I remember junior year of prom though, I said to my friends, 'I'm gonna take care of the booze.' And I put it under my grandfathers name. I came home and my dad's like, 'Hey I ran into my friend Fred who owns a liquor store and he said, 'Alan, your dad ordered $200 worth of Zima but I thought he died in 1985,' and I was just like 'Oh shit!'

The premise of the movie finds the three central teenage girls vowing to lose their virginities after the big dance, as their parents do everything in their power to stop them. For the producers, the mission for a hookup hit close to home.

"I remember trying to hook up and failing," said Goldberg, and Rogen agreed, "Me too."

But the "Knocked Up" star's night got worse. "Another guy made out with my prom date," Rogen added.

Watch the video above to see who ended up vomiting on their prom night and whose date cried after making out with them!

"Blockers" is available on digital now and Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand on July 3, 2018.

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