'RHOA' Star Kandi Burruss' Bizarre Sex Tips Leave Andy Cohen Completely Speechless on 'WWHL'
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The reality star also reveals the status of her relationship with her former costar, Kim Zolciak.

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kandi Burruss left Andy Cohen completely speechless on Sunday's "Watch What Happens Live" during a game of "Kandi Koated Quickfire."

"You once said that you like putting sugar in your vagina," Andy said to the reality star. "What other foods are safe to put in there?"

Co-guest Aisha Tyler interrupted Kandi to ask just how one goes about putting sugar up in their lady parts.

"Take your finger, wet it, stick it in the sugar, let it coat your finger and then put it up on in there," Kandi replied. "That's when you're ready to receive your man inside because it makes your vagina feel like it's grabbing him more. It clings a little bit more."

Andy's mouth was on the floor. "Doesn't it feel kind of sandy? Chafe-y?" he asked with disgust.

"In your warm vagina, it melts," she said. "You know how sugar becomes kind of like sticky? It makes it feel a little sticky. An old lady told me, she said, 'Baby, you put that sugar up there, and it make ya have a snapper down there!'"

"But here's another one!" Kandi continued. "When someone is giving you oral, tell them to use Halls in their mouth and then give you oral. It give you a little tingle."

Once composed, Andy went to the phones, where a caller asked Kandi about her relationship with Kim Zolciak, who left the "RHOA" franchise after making comments many perceived as racist on Season 10's explosive reunion.

"Last time I talked to Kim was at the reunion, and if I saw her [in Atlanta], I'm sure we'd just do the same thing -- just keep walking like we didn't see each other," Kandi replied.

Aisha leaned in and asked Kandi to elaborate on the "drama."

"There's no drama," Kandi replied. "We don't even talk. The thing about it was we had stopped talking for a long time anyway. Then we tried to start back back talking for a short, brief period, and then we fell out again."

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