'Floribama Shore' Stars Tease Shocking Season 2 Hookups and Pranks Gone Wrong
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Candace Rice and Jeremiah Buoni also tell TooFab about how they dealt with their co-stars' differing political views.

"Floribama Shore" will return to MTV for Season 2 next week, and two of its stars just let TooFab in on a few secrets.

Candace Rice and Jeremiah Buoni stopped by our studio ahead of Monday's premiere to dish on everything from unexpected hookups, to pranks gone wrong, to how they dealt with their co-stars' differing political views.

"We knew we was gonna come in fighting," Candace told TooFab about Season 2. Jeremiah agreed, saying he had a lot of anxiety about returning to the reality series often compared to MTV's "Jersey Shore."

"There was some stuff that went on off camera that got handled on camera," Candace said, adding that viewers will get to see said confrontation "on the first episode."

Of the dramatic encounter, Jeremiah said it was a "simple prank" that turned into "something very bad."

The Florida native also said he was anxious to see Gus Smyrnios, who he formed "a really strong bond" with during Season 1.

"I didn't spend as much time as I wanted to with Kirk [Medas] last season," Jeremiah said. "This season sort of catapulted a new relationship, and I was very excited to see him and build a stronger relationship with him."

Regarding that epic bar fight from last season, Jeremiah said he doesn't regret handling the situation the way he did, even though Kirk felt he didn't have his back.

"I feel like the situation at the bar was finished, and a couple other roommates escalated the situation, putting others in harm's way," the "dad" of the group told TooFab. "Now, for me, I'm gonna teach my younger brothers that fighting isn't always the answer -- whether you're the biggest, whether you're the baddest -- sometimes, just wash it off your shoulder and walk away."

Candace went into Season 2 with a "boo thang," but when asked if he was still in the picture, she let out a nervous laugh.

"You gotta watch and see," she said. "That was like what the whole season was about!"

When asked if viewers could expect unexpected hookups this season, Candace and Jeremiah both said yes.

"Oh, definitely!" Candace said without hesitation. "Mhmmm. Oh yeah, like make ya wig fall."

One thing the cast of "Floribama Shore" didn't fight about was politics -- but that's not because they're all politically aligned. Candace said she and her co-stars have differing political and social views, but whenever touchy subjects would come up, they simply "agreed to disagree."

"Like, these are people that we have to live with," she said. "Everybody's political views is not gonna be the same. It's just one of those things where, someone says their political views about something, [and you realize] that's just how they were raised."

"At the end of the day, we're coming together for an experience," she added. "You have eight different people that come from all these different backgrounds, and unlike 'Jersey Shore,' we all are coming from different socioeconomic classes, different races -- so I think that the fights were meant to happen from day one. So [political disagreements] happened, but we were able to see past it."

Candace and Jeremiah also responded to the friendly shade thrown their way by "Jersey Shore" star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, when he told TooFab back in April that comparing "Jersey Shore" to "Floribama Shore" was like "trying to compare Michael Jordan to a rookie."

"I understand where he's coming from as far as the fact that 'Jersey Shore' is a little bit more seasoned than we are," Jeremiah said, maintaining that he and his cast mates relate to their fans "in a different way."

"A lot of 'Jersey Shore' was party, get drunk, smash," he said. "For us, there are times where we get very emotional and actually share certain parts about our lives that the fans probably didn't expect to hear."

Watch TooFab's full interview above, and catch the premiere of "Floribama Shore" on Monday, July 9 on MTV.