'Jersey Shore' Stars Roast Each Other and Learn Female Anatomy Lesson in Unaired 'Family Vacation' Footage
The Most Vicious 'Jersey Shore' Clapbacks

Ronnie, Pauly and Vinny learn how many holes women have below the waist.

"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" wrapped up its Season 1 run last week, but MTV aired some pretty gnarly never-before-seen footage on Thursday -- and we are ever so grateful.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Pauly D, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Vinny Guadagnino (RSVP, if you will) came together to relive some of their favorite moments of the season while letting fans in on some behind-the-scenes gems.

Here are a few of our favorites.

The Family Roast-Off

Mike and Ronnie engaged in some pretty epic roasts during their family vacation in Miami, but everyone got in on the jokes during one of the group's family dinners.

"Did you shit yet?" Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi asked Jenni "JWoww" Farley at the dinner table.

"When would Jenni have time to shit? She's too busy sleeping," Vinny immediately fired back.

The others let out a collective, "Ohhhhh!"

"It's already startin'! It's already startin'!" Pauly yelled. "Round 1. Fight! Mike, your turn. You have to give an insult to somebody. You have to say something not nice."

Vinny stepped in and said, "Guys, guys, I don't think Mike can do this. A task like that is way too taxing for him."

Mike's eyes bugged out of his head as he looked over at Ronnie and said, "Ron, are you still trying to deny that you put the Big Mac on the French fry?"

Jenni then asked Vinny to say something about her, to which he replied, "Are you smiling, laughing or crying? I can't tell."

"I'm dead inside like your girlfriend is after she has sex with you," Jenni fired back.

"You're like super creepy," Deena Cortese told Vinny. "Like, you and your girl have to be creepy."

"Why you gotta bring my girl into this?" Vinny said. "At least we don't use condoms."

"At least we're clean!" Deena shot back.

Learning About the Female Anatomy

In another never-before-seen scene, Nicole drunkenly asked Angelina Pivarnick if she knew that she had "three holes."

"You have a sex hole, you have a piss hole and you have a poop hole," Nicole said. Angelina had no idea.

"Every girl has three holes," Deena said as the conversation got taken inside.

"Vagina, an asshole and a mouth," Ronnie replied.

"Ron, Jen is going to give birth through one of these holes, so it's better to know now than seeing all three in a couple months," Jenni said.

"Yeah, but it funnels into the same hole," Ronnie insisted.

In walked Pauly, who also didn't know that girls have three holes.

"Three?" he said. "How do you have three?" Nicole proceeded to explain it, then Pauly replied, "Yeah, but the pee hole is the same as the vagina hole."

"Let me see!" Pauly yelled. "Prove it! Prove it! Prove it!"

Then Vinny walked in. "I feel like you know girls have three holes," Nicole said, to which Vinny replied, "A vagina, an asshole and a mouth?"

"I feel like we're back in fifth grade going over female anatomy," Jenni said. "Half my roommates had no idea that three are down there."

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