G-Eazy Performs 'Him & I' Without Halsey for First Time Since Shocking Split
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"New York, y'all feel alright?" G-Eazy says into the mic as the vocals of his ex-girlfriend take over the outdoor venue.

In the end, it was not him and Halsey.

G-Eazy hit the GMA Summer Concert Series stage in Central Park Friday morning to perform "Him & I" for the first time since ex-girlfriend Halsey announced their split.

"New York, y'all feel alright?" a scruffier-than-usual G-Eazy said into the mic as the vocals of his ex-girlfriend took over the outdoor venue: "Cross my heart, hope to die / To my lover, I'd never lie / He said 'be true,' I swear I'll try / In the end, it's him and I."

Earlier this week, Halsey announced her split from the "No Limit" rapper on her Instagram Story, writing, "I feel the need to inform my fans [that] G-Eazy and I are taking some time apart. I'm eager to continue the upcoming passage of time dedicating myself to my art and my career and the duration of my tour. I wish him the best."

Shortly after sharing the news with her fans, Halsey posted a photo of herself in a bikini, reaching for her dog. She captioned the shot, "Kiss my dog on the forehead and then kiss your ass goodbye" -- a take on Drake's "8 out of 10."

She also tweeted, "Pumpkin eater" -- which many people assumed was a reference to the rhyme, "Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater."

Since announcing the split, Halsey has deleted almost every trace of G-Eazy from her social media accounts. And if that weren't enough to convince fans G-Eazy may have done Halsey wrong, the rapper has yet to comment on the matter.

And Halsey's fans know how she feels about infidelity. In the very song G-Eazy sang solo on Friday, he said, "Silk on her body, pull it down and watch it slip off / Ever catch me cheating, she would try to cut my..." Based on the rhyme scheme, we presume Halsey is not the one to be messing with.

Halsey and G-Eazy first linked up in the fall of last year. They released "Him & I" in December.

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