Maisie Williams' Cryptic 'Goodbye' to 'Game of Thrones' Sparks Bloody Fan Theories
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The actress, who plays Arya Stark on the HBO series, shares an image of bloody shoes with the hashtag, "#lastwomanstanding."

We're still in the wrong calendar year for the final season of "Game of Thrones," expected in 2019, but the cast is already saying farewell to the series, with Maisie Williams offering the latest cryptic farewell that is already spurring wild theories.

The actress, who has portrayed the youngest Stark daughter, Arya, has been on a wild and bloody journey through Westeros since the series premiere in 2011, and it looks like her journey may just end in blood, too. Taking to Instagram on Saturday, Williams posted a picture of her feet adorned in blood-spattered shoes.

She captioned the image, "Goodbye Belfast. Goodbye Arya. Goodbye 'Game of Thrones.' What a joy I’ve had. Here’s to the adventures to come." She followed it up with several hashtags, quickly grabbing the attention of rabid "Thrones" fans online with her first one: "#lastwomanstanding."

Granted, this could mean nothing, but also it could mean everything. Couple it with the bloody shoes and you've got the perfect recipe to keep rabid fans busy for however long it takes "Game of Thrones" to come back to our television sets and finally finish its epic story.

First of all, the shoes aren't even "Thrones" canon, they're white sneakers. Does this simply mean she had to walk through a veritable bloodbath on her last day of shooting and didn't want to mess up her "work shoes"? Seems kind of odd, considering the whole cast seems to be covered in blood half the time anyway.

But maybe she was barefoot in her final scene(s) -- makes for easier sneaking up on people to assassinate them -- in which case throwing something on makes total sense. Do you have any idea how unsanitary bloodbaths can be, and especially in the pseudo-Medieval times "Thrones" is modeled after?

We're already assuming there will be a lot of blood in these final six episodes, but do Williams' bloody feet indicate she'll be among the season's casualties? Or perhaps she'll be its lone survivor? Maybe lone female survivor is more appropriate, since she did specify gender with "last woman standing." That leaves room for Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) to survive everything (he may be immortal anyway) and finally take his seat on the throne.

Arya could choose to stay by the side of the only brother and family member who ever fully understood her, or she could take this opportunity to finally figure out what she wants to do with her life, setting off on a bold new adventure. Of course, being the last woman standing would mean we have to say farewell to Cersei (Lena Headey), Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) and Sansa (Sophie Turner), and we'd be really sad about two of those!

There's every chance, though, that she only used "woman" because she happens to be one, and she really meant last person standing, meaning that the battle for the Seven Kingdoms could exact a very high cost indeed. With the Faceless Man skills she picked up in Braavos, Arya could easily manipulate the final moves in the bloody battle so that she is the last person standing.

We're still not sure how that would get her past the Night King, though. Honestly, though, we're having a hard time imagining how anyone can survive him, his ice dragon and his hordes of frozen zombies. Considering how George R.R. Martin likes to do things, we can fully imagine a final season where no one beats him, the Night King takes the throne and Arya has to sneak out of Westeros wearing the face of a zombie or something.

Either that, or "last woman standing" just means she'll outlive all the others only to die herself under his frozen boot. The final shot of the series is the Night King surveying his frozen wasteland, triumphant, as his dragon roars and an entire fandom screams at their televisions in shock and outrage. Hey, it could happen!

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