Hollywood Drags Stephen Miller for Throwing Away Sushi in Tantrum After Getting Harassed on the Street
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"This is different from Stephen Miller's usual routine in that he normally eats the food after he throws it in the garbage," tweets Patrick Monahan.

The harassment of Trump Administration officials continues, with Senior Advisor Stephen Miller being the latest victim of the outspoken left. But it was his over-the-top reaction that got him trending on Twitter and Hollywood laughing.

Miller is just one of the Trump officials whose harassment was spotlighted in a piece by The Washington Post on Monday, but the details of his story made it stand out in both the best and worst ways possible. Stephen Miller was walking down the street having just picked up $80 worth of takeout sushi when a bartender purportedly shouted out his name. When Miller turned, he says the man flipped him off and cursed at him.

"Outraged, Miller threw the sushi away, he later told his colleagues," as reported by the Post.

Kellyanne Conway, Kristjen Nielsen, Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon and Sarah Huckabee Sanders have all endured hecklers while out in public, as widely reported by the press, but Miller's is the only story with self-sabotage as the response. In most other cases, the Trump official kept their calm, though Sanders did agree to leave a restaurant before her food was served, meaning Miller wasn't the only one who lost out on dinner.

Hollywood immediately latched onto the sushi detail, dragging Miller hard for punishing himself even more for getting harassed. Not to mention, that's nearly $100 worth of food he just tossed away. Most of us would hang onto that through a beating.

Below are some of Hollywood's best responses:

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