Jimmy Kimmel Defends Stormy Daniels After 'Suspicious' Arrest In Ohio Strip Club
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"And just like that, the state of Ohio shoots past Florida in the race for creepiest state," Kimmel jokes Thursday night.

Jimmy Kimmel is defending Stormy Daniels after the adult film star was arrested for allegedly illegally touching a woman -- who turned out to be an undercover cop -- at an Ohio strip club.

The comedian said on Thursday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that the arrest -- which occurred Wednesday night during Daniels' stage performance -- felt "suspicious." Daniels' attorney -- Michael Avenatti -- also felt that way, suggesting the arrest was "politically motivated" given Daniels' allegations against President Donald Trump.

"Remember Stormy Daniels? The president's $130,000 friend?" Kimmel began his monologue Thursday night before going into the specifics about the arrest.

"Under Ohio state law, an employee who appears nude or semi-nude is prohibited from touching patrons on the premises of a sexually-oriented business unless it's a family member," he explained. "That's the law. And just like that, the state of Ohio shoots past Florida in the race for creepiest state."

"Why the police were even in the club is suspicious," Kimmel said, adding that, according police reports, Daniels grabbed Detective Shana Keckley's head and "began smacking her face with her bare breasts and holding her face between her breasts against her chest." Daniels also did the same thing to another female officer, Mary Praither.

"I have to say, it does seem suspicious that there were police there to arrest a stripper in a strip club for stripping," the comedian said. "But whatever side of this you are on, one thing you have to admit is that Stormy Daniels really takes a nice mug shot. She'll be autographing these at the Spearmint Rhino next weekend."

Later on in the evening, Kimmel sat down to chat with Kathy Griffin, who happens to be friends with Stormy Daniels.

"I'm back, baby!" she said. "They're not gonna hold me down, they're not gonna hold Stormy down -- none of us! We're all fighting back!"

Griffin explained she met Daniels when the latter came to one of her comedy shows.

"We obviously hit it off," she said. "When we met backstage, I go, 'Hi, Thelma. I'm Louise. Let's take this asshole down.'"

Griffin said that Daniels reached out to her following the arrest and that she's in good spirits and ready to get "back on the pole."

"We both enjoy the dick -- I like the jokes; she does so many [other] things with it," Griffin joked.

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