Kat Von D Releases Wedding Video: Vows, Red Latex Contortionists and Her Musical Performance
Inside Kat Von D's Red Goth Wedding to Leafar Seyer

We would expect nothing less from Kat Von D.

'Til death do they part.

Kat Von D may have married Prayer's singer Leafer Seyer (real name Rafael Reyes) back in June, but the famous tattoo artist and makeup mogul posted her wedding video Thursday and it did not disappoint. The gothic style wedding included an all red gown, latex covered contortionists, and lots and lots of tattooed guests. Von D even performed a song, serenading her new husband.

However, as unconventional it may have been, the couple exchanged the most beautiful vows.

"En vida y en muerte," which translates too "in life and in death," was the theme of the entire ceremony (and is also a Prayers song, by the way) and was definitely present in the vows.

Sawyer described his "unconditional love" for Von D in his vows below. The singer even talked about being in jail and how she stood by his side and gave him strength.

Katherine, I've always felt that love, unconditional love, meant that one should put someone else's happiness and needs before their own. I spent the majority of my life doing just that. And not once did I get to experience unconditional love in return until I met you. 5 months ago I was detained and arrested as the officers took me away I asked you not to wait for me. I pushed you away. I felt ashamed. I wanted to protect you and your name and your reputation. When I was finally released from the holding cell 10 or 12 hours later, I walked out feeling scared and alone. In my life every time things got difficult and scary, I would look around and I would find myself alone.

But, you like a beacon of light in the darkest of nights appeared, in my time of need, you stood outside the gates of hell and you waited for me. You waited for me and my heart melted. You had shown me unconditional love ad you didn't run you did not run away when life got scary. Instead you stood by me and gave me strength and I'm going to stand by you my love through the thick and through the thin. En vida y en muerte. Through the good times and especially, especially through the dark and hard times, my love, my love for you is unbreakable and I will never place anything or anyone above you not even God. My love I remember my life, my life before you and I know now that every decision has lead me to you. My love I vow in front of our family and in front of our friends to protect you to defend you to care for you to be faithful to be true. En vide y en muerte. I promise that Ill never lie to you and I promise that I will never hurt you. My love I vow in front of the unknown to love you and to love all that is you forever. En Vida y en muerte.

In her vows, Von D -- who is pregnant with her and Reyes' child -- gushed that she's finally found someone who lived up to her unrealistic expectations of love. She thanked her groom-to-be for everything she has done for him.

Mi querido amor. I will never be able to thank you enough for all of this. All I can do is promise to love you to take care of you to be your partner in parenthood to forever thank you to live in truth with you and only you and to be worthy of your love. To you I promise myself. I Katherine Von Draqenberg take you Rafael Reyes to be my lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold from this day forward for better or for worse for richer for poorer in sickness and in health until death do us part. En vida en muerte this is my sacred vow to you.

I feel the most comfortable with him out of anybody else on the planet and it's 'cause there's a true sense of knowing.

I've called myself a hopeless romantic forever and emphasis on hopeless and always assuming that you know it wasn’t really in my cards my expectations are too high like my idea of love is something that's unrealistic in the modern day and -- and I think I was actually right , you know. I think that in a world like today it is a rarity to meet people like Rafael.

The ceremony also featured musical performances by Tennis System's Matty Taylor, Robert M, Harvey, as well as Von D, who performed a piano rendition of Nick Cave's "Into My Arms."

Von D and Reyes wore extravagant garb designed by Majesty Black. TooFab recently spoke with the designer, Joshua David Reno, in which he discussed that Von D's dress was always going to be red, instead of the traditional white.

"From the beginning the dress was always red," he told TooFab in June. "There were no second thoughts about this at all. Kat knows what she wants and is very discerning regarding her personal style and how she expresses herself."

"To design for artists who are this fashion savvy and have their own unique and amazing style is a challenge and also an amazing honor for me personally as I look up to them both in many ways."

Congrats to the couple.

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