Andy Cohen's Top 10 Hottest Bravo Stars of All Time

Andy Cohen also compares the relationship of two feuding Housewives to that of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Besties Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper stopped by "The Late Show" Wednesday night to basically make us all wish we were along for the ride on this odd couples' adventures.

When they're not busy on their respective networks, the TV personalities with matching initials are traveling across the country on their "AC2" tour, and Cooper said his pal orchestrated "the most embarrassing moment of my life."

"We showed up at these guys' house party!" Cohen excitedly shared about their tour stop in Charlotte a few weeks ago. Then Cooper made it clear they weren't exactly invited.

"Someone had told me about this house party that sounded really fun," Cohen said, prompting Cooper to interrupt, "No. Someone on Instagram had told him about some house party."

"Someone you don't know?" Colbert asked.

"I mean, I knew him casually," Cohen said with a smile.

When Colbert asked how it went, Cooper joked, "How would you feel if you're living in Charlotte and a White Walker walks into your house party?"

While Cooper was in Helsinki covering the "disgraceful" summit between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said Cohen texted him and said, "So how hot are the guys in Helsinki?"

"Well, while you were in Helsinki," Cohen shot back, "I was hosting a New York Housewives reunion. Would anyone like to hear about that?"

Cohen then compared the relationship between "Real Housewives of New York" stars Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill to the relationship between Trump and Putin.

"Oh, yeah, Bethenny is an oligarch," Colbert added. "She'll poison her enemies with that Skinnygirl shit!"

Cohen joked that Trump's excuse that he misspoke during the press conference with Putin "is a classic 'Housewives' apology, for real."

Colbert then reigned the conversation back to "the news."

"How hot are the guys in Helsinki," Colbert asked. "We buried the lead here."

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