'F--k Batman': Robin Takes a Dark Turn in Action-Packed First Trailer For 'Titans'
DC Universe
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The comic book company releases pricing details for their upcoming DC Universe streaming service, which will be "Titans" exclusive home, along with other new and archival series.

This is not your father's DC Universe. The new streaming service kicked off Thursday morning with a trailer for its upcoming live-action "Titans" series, and it's even darker than the DC Extended Universe.

Clearly taking place during the early days of the Titans team, Dick Grayson appears as Robin (before he took on the Nightwing mantle), but this isn't the pun-making Robin of the 1960s series. When asked where's Batman, Robin had a very clear answer.

"F--k Batman!" he said.

The trailer focuses on a young girl with dark powers that may be evil or may just be her becoming the Titan's darkest member, Raven. At other points, we caught glimpses of Starfire, Beast Boy and even Hawk & Dove and, you guessed it, they all looked rather dark and moody themselves. Fair warning: this trailer is NSFW so be careful with your audio.

The new trailer opened with a spotlight on Grayson's parents dying in the circus, emphasizing his tragic past in a way that positions him as the brooding Batman archetype of the series. Through the years, the Titans have had lighter adventures, starting as a club for teen superhero sidekicks, but there have also been many stories of pathos and angst.

The new series looks to be leaning more toward the darker and more unusual side of their mythos, even including DC's oddball superhero team Doom Patrol in their adventures and serving as a "backdoor pilot" for the Patrol's own forthcoming series.

At its core, though, the Titans were always about finding family in your friends. This proved especially pivotal for Dick as he'd lost his actual family to tragedy, and Bruce Wayne isn't exactly the warm and cuddly type.

The trailer premiered Thursday morning as part of the San Diego Comic-Con kickoff, while also serving as an enticement as the company talked price for DC's upcoming streaming service awkwardly named DC Universe. Fans can pre-order the service at DCUniverse.com for a yearly cost of $74.99, or they can wait until launch and pay the slightly higher monthly cost of $7.99.

In addition to "Titans" and "Doom Patrol," DC Universe will be the exclusive home of the live-action "Swamp Thing" series, as well as an animated series for "Harley Quinn" and the continuation of the popular "Young Justice" series. The service will also offer actual comic books to read, a DC encyclopedia and classic DC series like "Batman Beyond" and "Justice League," with others rotating in and out like most other streaming services.

DC Universe is expected to launch in beta later this summer, with a full launch coming later in the year.

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