Judge Jeanine Pirro Says Whoopi Goldberg Screamed 'Get the F Out' After 'The View' Clash: 'That Was Abuse'
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The confrontation we saw unfold on the air Thursday morning ended in more yelling and cursing off set.

According to Judge Jeanine Pirro, her explosive clash with Whoopi Goldberg on "The View" Thursday carried on off camera and she was literally kicked out of the building by the moderator of the daytime talk show.

After telling TMZ she was treated like she was "less than human," the Fox News star appeared on her buddy Sean Hannity's show last night to give her story of what went down after the ABC show cut to commercial break.

Pirro accused Whoopi of having "Trump derangement syndrome" -- a new buzz phrase straight from the president's Twitter feed in wake of his disastrous Helsinki press conference with Russia's President Vladimir Putin -- and Whoopi went off, ending with, "Say goodbye, bye! I'm done."

"I literally was thrown off the set. Whoopi Goldberg said, 'I'm done,' she walked away, but it didn't end there," Pirro said Thursday night on Fox News, and then doubled down on her derangement theory.

"I just felt that today was a microcosm of what is happening in America as the left is suffering from this Trump derangement syndrome , but it didn't end there," Pirro said. "What happened was I realized the segment was over, I got up and I left the stage, going downstairs, and I saw her. And I had to walk by her and I said, 'Whoopi, I fought for victims my whole life' -- something like that. And she started cursing at me."

Pirro stressed that Whoopi got in her face, saying the pissed off talk show host "was this close," gesturing toward her face. But Hannity pressed her to cut to the chase and get to the F-bombs Whoopi dropped.

"She said 'F you. F you.' And I said, did you just say, 'F you?’ Then she said, 'Get the F out of this building,'" Pirro said. "And I felt like I was less than dirt. I couldn’t believe that I went there to have a conversation. I got thrown off the set, thrown out of the building, and as I walked away, she's yelling at me, 'Get the F out of this building!' Sean, it’s sad. What these people have turned into is sad. What is happening?"

Whoopi had the F-bomb on her mind before Pirro even made her entrance. She came incredibly close to dropping the curse word on the air while tearing into Mark Zuckerberg's reasoning for allowing Holocaust deniers to spread their lies on Facebook as it makes a concentrated effort to erase fake news from the social media platform.

Whoopi wasn't having it. She said she is "all for freedom of speech," but "don't lie when you know better, when you know families lost children, don't put that up there."

"Take it down for fu ... goodness' sake," she added.

Pirro wrapped up her conversation with Hannity by saying Trump supporters "deserve better than to be berated" for their politics.

But Pirro wasn't done defending herself on her network. She appeared on "Fox & Friends" Friday morning to talk about the experience, which she described as "abuse."

"I've been a prosecutor, judge, DA for 30 years. I tried murder cases. I can go toe-to-toe anybody. That was abuse," Pirro said.

"It was sad," she said. "It was a sad moment that you know, she was triggered. I never understood triggering."

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