Matt Davis Thinks 'Legally Blonde 3' Will Be 'Great,' But Hasn't Heard From Reese (Exclusive)
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'Legally Blonde' Cast -- Then & Now

The actor, who played Elle Woods' OG beau, has a few ideas about where his character would be now.

Matt Davis' Warner Huntington III sparked the events of "Legally Blonde," but will he appear in the recently announced sequel?

Speaking with TooFab at Comic-Con -- where he was promoting his upcoming CW series "Legacies" -- we had to ask he'd heard from Reese Witherspoon about appearing in the upcoming third movie.

"I haven't talked to Reese, but it's funny," he said, while pondering what would have happened to his character in the years since the 2001 movie.

"I have some ideas I would love to see for the situation where Warner is now, like where is he now? It has all kinds of possibilities," he told TooFab. "I do think it's funny, I tell people -- because people love the movie so much and they're always great when they come up and say 'Hi' -- when we get into a conversation I just remind them, I say, there is no 'Legally Blonde' without Warner. Without Warner, Elle wouldn't have gone to Harvard and without that there's no 'Legally Blonde.'"

In case you forgot (but how could you?), after Warner dumped her so he could settle down with someone a little more serious, she took matters into her own hands, made her way into Harvard in an attempt to win him back, before realizing she could do so much better without him. In the end, his "serious" girlfriend Vivian (Selma Blair) broke off their engagement, and his character didn't appear in the sequel.

"My feeling is that, whatever happens, I think it's gonna be great that they bring it back," Davis added. "Legally Blonde 3" is set to hit theaters on Valentine's Day 2020.

We'll have more from Davis and his new show "Legacies" in the next few days on TooFab -- but check out the just-released trailer below.

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