'Who Is America?' This Week: Corinne Olympios Fundraises Ammo for Child Soldiers as GOP Rep Exposes His Ass and Racism

"Remember, when you launch a grenade, you launch a dream," the former "Bachelor" contestant says in a stunningly tone-deaf segment with a disguised Sacha Baron Cohen.

Sacha Baron Cohen's second episode of "Who Is America?" exposed the unwitting participants in more ways than one Sunday night.

Not only did an elected official willingly drop his pants to back his bare ass up against the comedian under the guise of learning how to ward off terrorists by threatening to turn them into homosexuals, reality star Corinne Olympios willingly went along with a complete fabrication of charity work in Africa, where she claimed to have saved 6,000 people from being massacred by a war lord.

"So he recognized me and he was a really big fan. He was just really nice, actually, and he was really surprised to see me. I was surprised he knew who I was, and yeah, it was just really humbling," she said of the fictional war lord in an interview with Cohen's Italian character Gio Monaldo, a faux billionaire playboy and fashion photographer. "He was, like, really excited and freaking out. It was good because I saved 6,000 people."

Viewers watched as Cohen coached the former "Bachelor" contestant through the entire interview, aimed at establishing Olympios as the face of a charity she's never done any actual charity work for. When prompted to spill more on the war lord meeting that never happened, she added, "I feel like because I was so kind back and because I was so positive back, it really helped with the whole massacre situation."

The shock was seeing how completely willing she was to go along with the ridiculous ruse. And it got worse, too. Cohen ended up convincing Olympios to star in a PSA asking for donations to fund child soldiers. No, no. Not to fund the rescue of children forced into war -- we mean she was literally asking for money to make them more effective killers.

"Everybody knows about the tragedy of a child soldier in Africa, but what we don't know is that the real tragedy is how underfunded and how undertrained they are," she said at the start of the jaw-dropping ad. "Many are not very effective killers at all, and are in fact more child than soldier. We want to change this so they can be fighting well into puberty."

As she continued to read from the teleprompter, the charity she was endorsing got even more disturbing.

"That's why we want you to join our program and adopt a child soldier. You will have a chance to support them through their childhood and pay for their training, equipment and even ammunition," she continued. "For just $18 a month, you will get a message from your child soldier telling you about their progress. For example, 'Today we burned down a village and launched a grenade at a hospital.'"

The quote of the night: "Remember, when you launch a grenade, you launch a dream."

Before we watched Olympios' integrity completely crumble on camera, she participated in a sexy photo shoot in which she exposed cleavage while wearing a hazmat suit with the understanding that her body would be Photoshopped into images of aid workers carrying ebola victims in West African country Sierra Leone.

"So we want to show that you are involved in the charity so we want to do a little thing to say that you were helping in Sierra Leone with ebola," Cohen explained to the agreeable reality star while showing her the photograph he planned on doctoring. "We put you in here, no one is going to know it wasn't you. And then we green screen and it looks beautiful, and it's great for the charity."

Enjoy their on-camera conversation about the fake charity below:

COHEN: So charity is so important to you. I heard you helped some of the kids with ebola in Siera Leone.

OLYMPIOS: Yes, yes of course. Helping is really important to me, so.

COHEN: You went there and you helped carry some of the suffers around. How did you get into that?

OLYMPIOS: You know it was one of those things where I really just did it.

COHEN: How long were you in Siera Leone fighting this ebola crisis?

OLYMPIOS: Um, I was there for about a week.

COHEN: Is it possible you can say about a month?

OLYMPIOS: Okay, but they're going to know that I wasn't there.

COHEN: No, we are head of the charity, so don't worry.

OLYMPIOS: I was there for about a month.

Before the episode aired, Olympios talked to The Daily Beast about her experience she described as both scary and "f--king awesome." She said she was lured onto the program under the guise of a U.K. company giving her a reality star of the year award, and then she started getting upset after being separated from her manager and her phone.

"So they saw that I was getting really mad and they were like okay, we just have one more thing for you to do, [your manager]’s waiting right outside for you, so I’m like, fine. I’m reading this child with gun thing, and I’m like what the f--k is wrong with you guys, I can’t say this, I don’t believe in this," she said. "They’re like no, no, it’s fine, it’s just for Italy, you have no friends in Italy, who cares ... At this point I just want to get out of there, so I just did it."

After the ridiculous shoot, she heard Cohen had a new project in the works and began to suspect she was part of it.

"I think he’s great. I’m so excited to be a part of his new project," she told the Beast. "I mean, not everyone gets to just be a cameo as themselves, so it’s f--king awesome."

There is a silver lining for Olympios, though. While the show made her look really, really bad, at least she was on the same episode as Jason Spencer -- the Georgia state representative who screamed the N-word on camera and dropped his pants under the belief he was learning how to fight off terrorists.

The Republican politician was duped by Cohen dressed up as his Israeli terrorism expert character Col. Erran Morad, the same personality that got other conservative politicians on last week's episode to advocate for arming toddlers in schools.

You're going to have to watch the bonkers segment below for a true appreciation of just how crazy it is that a state lawmaker bought into the absurdity. When teaching Spencer how to react during a terrorist kidnapping situation, Cohen's Morad asked the man to yell the N-word as a distraction, and boy did he oblige.

"Are you crazy?" a shocked Cohen said. "The 'N-word' is noony, not this word. This word is disgusting."

"Got it," Spencer replied. But apparently he did not truly get it. Because the episode ended with a post-credits sequence featuring the lawmaker talking directly into the camera with a message to terrorists.

"All you damn sand n----rs over in the Middle East, we are tired of you coming to America and we are tired of you trying to threaten us," he said.

Before that, he was willing to drop his pants and back his racist buttocks into Cohen after being informed that ISIS is terrified of being turned into a homosexual.

"Trousers down," Cohen instructed, and then Spencer repeatedly charged him ass first while yelling, "America!"

"I'll touch you. I'll touch you with my buttocks. USA," the GOP state representative said in another charge. "USA! USA, motherf--ker! I'll touch you. I'll make you a homosexual. You drop that gun right now. USA!"

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