The CUTEST Pics of 'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

"Teen Mom 2" stars and fans are in agreement: Evans did not handle that situation very well, especially considering her young son was in the car the entire time.

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans was packing heat during a road rage confrontation the MTV reality show aired Monday night and now she's under fire from viewers, including a host of fellow reality stars.

Fellow "Teen Mom" Kailyn Lowry tweeted, "You just pulled the strap out and now you’re crying about what YOU did. Goodbye."

Evans was driving with her 8-year-old son Jace riding shotgun as she grew more and more upset with another driver, who she called 911 on to report for tailgating her and pumping the breaks when the car got ahead of her. She then pulled off the highway to follow the reckless driver to his house and confront him.

The video footage shows Evans pulling a handgun out from beneath her seat and placing it by her side on the driver's seat as she drove. Once outside the driver's house, she called her husband David Eason to fill him in on the situation and then was seen yelling out the window, "You were tailgating me, you dumbass!"

While backing up, she hit the stranger's mailbox, prompting him to use his truck to block her escape route. He even hit her car at one point. “Dude, he just hit my car! Babe, he just hit my f--king car," she yelled to her husband over speaker phone. That's when she picked up the gun.

MTV, however, did not air the footage of Evans with the weapon as she yelled, "Dude, leave me alone!"

Once back on the road, she was pulled over by the police and seen crying to a producer of the MTV reality show on the phone. "Dude, please come, now I’m being pulled over because I called the cops and the guy called the cops," she said.

TMZ reported that no arrests were made due to conflicting stories and lack of witnesses.

Although Evans clearly believed she was doing the right thing, viewers and other "Teen Mom 2" stars vehemently disagreed with her actions while commenting on social media.

Chelsea Houska's dad, Randy, posted a poll on his Twitter account, and the results did not swing in Evans' favor.

Lowry's tweet even attracted commentary from another MTV reality franchise star, Angelina Pivarnick, who returned to "Jersey Shore" earlier this year for a brief visit.

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