Every Hollywood Star Reacting to the Cancelation of 'Roseanne'

"I want her to stay the hell out of my lane in Republican politics," says McCain.

Roseanne Barr's post-firing media blitz continued on Thursday night on "Hannity," where she kind of apologized for her racist remarks about Valerie Jarrett before ending it with a diss about her hair.

While the women of "The View" and guest Rabbi Shmuley -- who has interviewed Barr himself -- debated whether or not she should be forgiven, Meghan McCain made one thing clear: she wants no ties between Barr and the Republican party whatsoever.

"I understand everything you say about forgiveness, but I'm a Republican on 'The View' and everyday I come on here trying to tell people that Trump supporters and Republicans, we're nuanced, it's not just one blanket thing," she said.

Referencing the return of "Roseanne," McCain said she was "so excited" to see it come back and felt it was a good "reflection of the middle of the country," sparking dialogue between both sides of the political aisle.

"The problem I have right now is Roseanne is every gross stereotype I'm trying to get people to go away from," she continued, not referring to Barr herself. "Her tweets, a lot of incendiary things she said about Jewish people, obviously, Valerie Jarrett. It's hard for me to come back -- it's not even about forgiveness for me -- I don't want her to be associated with the Republican party in any way."

Shmuley went on to call the ABC sitcom "a blessing" and a show that "succeeded for Democrats and Republicans," before addressing Barr "as a person." In his mind, "Roseanne has no history of bigotry, no history of prejudice, no history of racism," something which didn't sit well with McCain.

"She dressed up as Hitler with cookies that looked like Jewish people from the ovens. That's not a kind person," she said, referencing a photo shoot Barr did back in 2009 for the satirical Jewish magazine Heeb.

After Joy Behar said she thought Barr was being "sincere" on "Hannity," McCain doubled down on her previous claim.

"My issue -- people can choose to forgive what they want -- I want her to stay the hell out of my lane in Republican politics because she's making everything worse," she added.

Watch the convo below: