Nikki Bella Calls Off Wedding To John Cena (Again): 'I Ruined Everyone's Fairy Tale'
A Timeline of Nikki Bella and John Cena's Rollercoaster Relationship

"You know we've had this amazing love story. It's just come to an end," Nikki said.

Nikki Bella and John Cena's fairy tale is officially over.

Well, at least for now. After a "rollercoaster" of a season -- as the Bella twins would put it -- Nikki and John broke up and called off their wedding for a second time. In the season finale of "Total Bellas," titled "Follow Your Heart," Nikki pulled the plug on her relationship of six years in order to focus on herself and her personal "journey."

"I definitely feel like I haven't been myself for a long time," Nikki said at the end of the episode. "I feel like I'm starting a journey of finding me again and I just feel like in my heart, when I heal myself and figure out what's wrong with me, like he will be there. And if he's not then it wasn't meant to be. You have to follow you heart and you have to know that the sun will still always rise tomorrow and that everything will be okay and you really have to do what makes you happy."

The entire episode (and the previous four) have led the viewer up to an emotional breakup between the two (like the first time) and more importantly, some closure. However, as previously mentioned the couple does officially break up, we just don't get to see it. (The show cut to Nikki "one week later") Really E!? We've spent an entire season waiting for a climax only to not get it.

Read on to see what ultimately led up to the breakup (that we didn't get to see.)

Wrestlemania Realizations

In the beginning of the episode, Nikki and her sister Brie Bella headed to New Orleans for Wrestlemania to watch their men participate. It was at that time one year ago when John proposed to Nikki. (We can't believe it's only been a year either.) While there, Nikki saw that there are Barbie dolls of her and John from when he popped the big question. To Nikki's dismay, they actually even got the ring size right.

"I can't believe my wedding is literally around the corner," Nikki said in a confessional. "I also can't believe it was only a year ago I got proposed to. I have to say that this past year has been the best like life learning experience."

"I'm just really focused on getting everything back on track. I just want John and I in the same place and we could just grow back together again. That's just what I really want."

John and Nikki got to attend the Hall of Fame event together. The twins cheered on their men and Brie, especially had a big moment as it was Bryan's triumphant return to WWE after being out for a previous injury.

At this moment, it seemed that Nikki and John were still on for their wedding, however, we later learned that Nikki was faking her happiness a lot of the time.

The Phone Call

One week later, Brie and Bryan (a.k.a couple goals) headed to a romantic dinner to celebrate their four year wedding anniversary. When they sit down, Brie noticed that Nikki had been blowing up her phone with texts, and then ended up calling her. Brie told her sister she was at dinner, but could tell something was wrong.

Brie: "What's going on because you keep blowing up my phone?"

Nikki: "I'm going to be flying back to San Diego in the morning."

Brie: "Why?"

Nikki: "Because I don't know if John and I we just, we might be calling off the wedding again. All this stuff is hard on me right now."

Nikki said that she would call Brie back. Bryan explained that there was no harm in postponing the wedding, however his wife added that she didn't think John saw it that way.

It was at this point that Brie really began to worry, as the fact that her sister was flying home really sunk in.

"It's really crazy because when my sister tells me her and John have called off the wedding again, I just don't feel shocked," Brie said in a confessional. "I was extremely upset the first time -- Gosh it was like I couldn't stop crying -- but this time I feel like they're in two different parts of their lives and right now there lives aren't aligning."

Brie told Bryan that if this was to happen again, then something "deeper" must be going on.

Car Ride

After Nikki said she was going to fly home, Brie and their mom Kathy Colace picked up Nikki at the airport. During the emotional car ride, Nikki broke down and explained to her loved ones what was really going on between her and John.

"There's something that is making me not like feel like I can't walk down that aisle right now," Nikki said to them. "And that doesn't mean ever with him. I just can't do it right now."

Nikki explained how it's "tough" as the "tables have turned," as John will do "anything" to work on their relationship and is "fighting really hard" for her. Nikki recalled that she told John that at the moment she needed to work on herself and announced that she had packed herself out of John's house. The WWE star also mentioned that John wanted to give her a day to really think about it.

Nikki said that she's been "miserable" this whole time and she couldn't hide it anymore.

"I've been miserable and I've been trying to be happy," she said. "And like I couldn't be happy at my bachelorette. I couldn't be happy at my engagement party and I've tried to force it, but I feel like I can't force it anymore and I felt like everyone saw it at Wrestlemania, even John."

"And John doesn't deserve that," she continued. "John deserves so much more than what I am giving him right now like I want to walk down the aisle knowing that I am making the best decision of my life. But f--k I miss him. I love him so much. I feel like I've ruined everyone's fairytale."

John Takes To Twitter

While Nikki was weighing her decision, her family noticed that John tweeted that something that could have been about his bride-to-be (or not-to-be).

"Life is funny sometimes," Nikki read his tweet aloud. "One minute it's kissing and hugging on you, the next it’s kicking ya square in the nugget bag. Moments make the journey and the powerful play goes on."

Nikki was "shocked" and "confused" over the tweets and didn't know for sure what John meant by them.

"My family, they're showing me John's tweets and I guess they're kinda, they're shocking to me, because he's such a private person," she said in a confessional. "I get it, I brought him into this world and I'm kinda confused by it. I don't know if they're meant to be bad against me."

"I mean it's not like his fiancee walked out on him three weeks before his wedding day," Bryan joked.

Nikki then went to her and John's house alone and said it was "weird" to be there without him, the man who's been her "world." She expressed that she "never thought" she would get to this point.

The Final Decision

After a night alone in her house that she built with John, Nikki had made her decision.

"So how was last night?" Brie asked the next day.

"It was very, very hard," Nikki replied. "Taking a shower and seeing like his razor. His suits and everything. Just sucks."

"I wish it could be different," she continued, "and that's why I've had almost six years of working on us and fighting. And I've just hit the point where I am just so exhausted and done."

Nikki told her sister that she knew what her decision was, but that she was too "afraid" to say it. Brie asked her why she felt this way.

"Because I just don't want to hurt him," Nikki said breaking down in tears. "It's just hard when you love someone so much and care for them so much but you just can't do it anymore. It's not his fault. It's not my fault. You know we've had this amazing love story. It's just come to an end."

"He's wanted a very strong career and he has that now," Brie said to her. "Unfortunately to have that he lost the woman of his dreams."

One Week Later

Instead of showing us the breakup and giving us some closure we totally deserve, the reality show flashed to one week later post-split.

Nikki and Brie hit up the beach for a deep sister-to-sister chat, where Nikki explained that she's feeling the best she's felt since the breakup.

"Actually today I've felt the best yet, since John," she said. "Since the breakup, the first time that I've talked to John face-to-face, but literally taking your advice, it is the first time that I've told him everything. How I've felt about everything. Everything that has bothered me the past six years, stuff I've been holding in, stuff that hurt me, and I can't tell you like the relief I have."

"He said, 'You're right, because you held so much in, I don't really know you,'" she recalled. "He's like 'Hopefully I'll be able to get to know you.' It was cute he's like, 'Is there anything you need from me?' and I said,'Yes. I need you to let me go and [let me] do me.'"

Brie asked her sister what it all meant. Nikki replied that she plans to move out.

"He's an amazing man though, I just hope I don't regret it," she added.

"I think one thing that's been like really heavy on my heart is that even though I was going through like," Nikki began in a confessional, before breaking down. "Even though like I was going through depression, I think when you have a relationship in the public eye you don't want to let your fans down and everyone's fairy tale was John and I getting married like Superman and Wonder Woman finally found each other and this is everyone's happily ever after."

"So you just force yourself to believe it too even if you start feeling something different," Nikki said. "What this year's taught me, and I hope people know, that like if you don't feel like you're making a right decision, don't do it."

Nikki added that she's now officially on her "journey" to find herself. Although she and John have broken up for now, we have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of the "superhero couple" yet.

In fact, "Total Divas," featuring the Bella twins, comes back for Season 8 September 19th at 9 PM on E!, so we only have to wait a few weeks to see how Nikki is healing.

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