Tom Hardy's 'Venom' Goes Head-to-Head with Riz Ahmed's Riot in Symbiote-Packed New Trailer
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Eddie Brock faces off against the creature inside him and super villain Riot in the new sneak peek.

What's worse than one uncontrollable rage monster in the streets of San Francisco? A handful of them.

The new trailer for "Venom" proves that Eddie Brock's monstrous alter-ego isn't the only one in town, as the sometimes Spider-Man villain finds himself fighting off another big bad from the Spidey-verse, Riot.

Played by Riz Ahmed, it's clear this guy it out to create a new race of super-creatures. "Look around at the world, what do you see? A planet on the brink of collapse," his character, Dr. Carlton Drake, explains in the sneak peek. "Human beings are disposable. But man and symbiote combined, this is a new race, a new species, a higher life form."

It's a higher-life form Tom Hardy's character, Brock, becomes bonded with himself while investigating a government experiment. "I found something really bad," he says, "and I have been ... taken."

The trailer shows Brock struggling to control Venom, the hulking fanged comic character who sometimes takes control of his body. "We cannot just hurt people," he tells the dark voice inside his head. "We can do whatever we want!" the creature replies, before threatening to eat the eyes, lungs and pancreas of another bad guy. Yikes!

Eventually, Hardy's character admits that the power inside him is "not completely awful," as he strikes to find a balance between himself and the creature.

The trailer also shows a lot of Michelle Williams just running around in peril, before ending with the title character telling a criminal he's planning to "eat both your arms and the both of your legs and then we will eat your face right off your head." Nice guy, huh?

The movie hits theaters October 5, 2018.