Nicki Minaj Scorches the Earth In Little More Than Some Pasties In 'Ganja Burn' Music Video
13 Photos That Prove Nicki Minaj Is Hot AF

Minaj keeps it hot while leaving little to the imagination.

The queen is risen!

Nicki Minaj awakens from a deep slumber to dance her butt off in the new music video for "Ganja Burn," the latest single from her new album, "Queen."

The premise for the visual, which dropped Monday, is fairly straight forward: after being taken down by her enemies, "a generous queen" rises from the ashes to reclaim her crown.

With an army of backup dancers behind her, Minaj's costumes evolve from tattered rags to a gold bikini to, finally, bejeweled pasties and matching headpiece.

The message: Bow down!

It's clear Minaj loves to play dress up for her videos. She recently transformed into a mermaid alongside Araina Grande in the clip for their joint single, "Bed," their fifth collaboration.

"Queen" is streaming everywhere now.