"Teen Mom" Stars and Their Kids

"He could come over and kill me any time," Barbara tells Dr. Drew.

Barbara Evans is worried David Eason, her daughter Jenelle's husband, will kill her.

During the "Teen Mom 2" reunion part 1 Monday night, host Dr. Drew pointed out Jenelle has had a "tough run lately" and asked Barbara if "overall" she thought Jenelle and her son Jace, 9, were okay. Barbara, who has a difficult relationship with her daughter, explained she feels that Jenelle and herself are in danger.

"No, I don't feel Jenelle is OK," Barbara said. "I'm just so so so worried about Jenelle...David's going to hurt her."

According to Barbara, Jenelle wasn't at the reunion because David wasn't allowed to be there, and claimed he won't let Jenelle be away from him.

Dr. Drew then asked Barbara if she believed David was a danger to her. She replied that since she lives the closest to David, she is going to be the "first one shot."

"I'm going to be the first one shot cause I live closest," Barbara said. "It scares me. He could come over and kill me any time."

"They ride around -- both of them -- with guns in the car with the kids in the car," she said. "Someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed...This guy is the meanest person I've ever met... He's teaching these kids to shoot guns when they're two or three years old."

Barbara also brought up Jenelle's road rage "incident" that occurred earlier in the season, where Jenelle pulled a gun out in the car in front of her son Jace. However, according to Barbara that wasn't even the worst of it. Jenelle had told her mom that Jace "made it all up."

"The next day I found out the truth," Barbara explained. "I almost threw up in my kitchen."

Despite all of the drama and unsettling matters in his family, Barbara stressed that Jace is now doing "great" and "very well" and is about to enter the fourth grade.

However, she pointed out that because of all the dysfunction going on in the family, Jace has experienced a lot of anger issues.

"He has ADHD, [and] he was having terrible anger outbursts," Barbara said. "You know he just couldn't handle all of the stuff between his mother and David."

"They would pump him up when he went there," she said, "and then he would come home and I was having a really difficult time with him. [He was] putting holes in walls really and hurting me. Terrible, terrible."

In addition, Barbara claimed that Jenelle refuses to give Jace his medication when he's with her, which Barbara believed is more of a "defiant thing" towards her.

"Teen Mom 2" Reunion Pt. 2 reunion airs on Tuesday, August 20, at 9 p.m. ET at MTV.

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