Piers Morgan Calls Trump's 'Dog' Dig at Omarosa an Insult to Canines as President's Bark Is Met with Twitter's Bite
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"I'm just upset for all dogs who've been unfairly smeared here," the British TV personality says, while a number of other famous faces in Hollywood and beyond also have thoughts.

Count Piers Morgan among those offended that President Donald Trump called Omarosa Manigault Newman a "dog" in another tweet attacking her character. But the British TV personality is more worried about canines than his former "Celebrity Apprentice" co-star.

"This is an outrageous slur," Morgan tweeted in response to Trump's tweet Tuesday morning. "Dogs are loyal, kind, affectionate creatures."

Here is what Trump tweeted first: "When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!"

Morgan previously accused Omarosa of hurling homophobic slurs at him while they were filming Trump's reality TV series together years ago, and doubled down on that accusation -- as well as his concern for canine's being compared to Omarosa -- in another tweet Tuesday.

"Omarosa called me a lot worse than that every day for 4 weeks on 'Celebrity Apprentice' -- including a 'f--king f----t.' I'm just upset for all dogs who've been unfairly smeared here," he said.

While former White House aide Omarosa isn't exactly beloved by Trump's critics, a number have taken issue with the president calling her a "dog," citing it as another example of him targeting women and black people -- two demographics he has a history of bullying from his digital pulpit.

Florida Representative Frederica Wilson, an African-American Democrat, appeared on CNN Tuesday morning to sound off.

"How dare he!? He has taken this country to its knees," she said. "Lebron James said it correctly when he said racism has always existed but President Trump has emboldened the racists to come forward without any fear of punitive actions, and we have got to stop this because I could be next."

When the anchor noted Trump has called white people dogs in the past, Wilson countered the President of the United States shouldn't be calling anyone a dog, but argued she notices him targeting more black people than white. "Overwhelmingly, in my knowledge and experiences, it has always been African-American people that he’s called names to embarrass them and to smear them. That has been my experience."

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin echoed that sentiment on the network, too. "Not exclusively, but to a disproportionate extent, he’s attacking black people," he said Tuesday morning on "New Day."

Morgan, however, called that assertion "fake news."

"Trump does it to everyone -- black, white, male, female," he tweeted. "This may be unpresidential -- but to turn his Omarosa 'dog' jibe into a racist issue is nonsense."

Trump's insult came the same morning Omarosa appeared on "CBS This Morning" to promote her tell-all memoir, "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House."

She backed up her previous claims that Trump has is "racist" and has used the "N-word" while filming "The Apprentice" by releasing a recording of a conversation with top campaign staff allegedly discussing "a way to spin it" if the tape was ever released. Former Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson can be heard saying, "No, he said it. He's embarrassed." Omarosa released the audio a day after Pierson appeared on Fox News denying the phone call ever took place.

Listen to the conversation for yourself below:

The discussion over Trump's latest insult hurled at former friend Omarosa is starting to catch fire on Twitter, with a number of famous faces chiming in. See the backlash brewing below.

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