Colin Jost Slams 'Self-Serious' Award Shows Ahead of Co-Hosting Emmys
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The SNL star joked that awards shows are simply "adults getting trophies."

Ahead of his Emmys co-hosting gig, "Saturday Night Live" star Colin Jost revealed he's not huge fan of award shows because they are too "self-serious" and believes more "fun" films should be nominated.

"I think most of the time they're way too self-serious and focused on things that 99 percent of the country doesn’t care about," Jost told the Los Angeles Times Tuesday. "At the end of the day, it's adults getting trophies. Why should that be taken seriously? And remember when movies like 'Gladiator' won best picture? Why can't good, fun things win and not just good, artsy things? They're both good and the fun ones are sometimes a lot harder to make."

Jost, along with his "Weekend Update" co-star Michael Che, will be hosting the upcoming awards show. When the nominations were announced, Jost explained that he was "flabbergasted" about one, oddly specific nomination snub.

"I was -- I rarely use this word more than 10 times a day -- flabbergasted that Kyle MacLachlan was not nominated for best actor in a Whatever-That-Category-Is-Called," he said. "He played at least four different versions of Dale Cooper in the new 'Twin Peaks' and was amazing at all of them. I thought Laura Dern should have been nominated as well, but at least she got recognized for 'The Tale.'"

"It's amazing that the first 'Twin Peaks' series got overlooked in the early '90s, and for 25 years people talked about how crazy it was that it got overlooked," he continued. "And now the new series is going through the same exact thing! It's like if we had gone through a world war and then 25 years later we had another world war! It wouldn't make sense!"

Twitter users -- especially cinephiles -- did not take Jost's words lightly when he criticized award shows and "artsy" films and took to slamming the comedian. Many Twitter critics blamed Jost -- and people of his ilk -- for the new Oscar "Popular Film" category.

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