Trump Twitter Fails: 15 Times Trump Used 'Alternative Spelling' for His 'Alternate Facts'

Rudy Giuliani, who made the comment on "Meet the Press" Sunday morning, also said the Trump tower meeting was "for the purpose of getting information about Clinton."

John Oliver summed up what America is thinking on Sunday night's "Last Week Tonight" when he said, "What is [Rudy] Giuliani doing and why does the White House keep letting him go on TV?"

The latest disastrous appearance for Donald Trump's personal lawyer came courtesy of Sunday morning's "Meet the Press." It was an interview so epic in its ineptitude -- "Truth isn't truth?!?" -- that Oliver and his team scrapped whatever they were originally planning to talk about in the opening segment of the show.

Instead, they wrote a whole new opener so they could address this debacle on the same day it occurred. Not only did Giuliani utter the phrase "truth isn't truth," he also seems to have quite plainly admitted that the secret Russian meeting in Trump tower was, in fact, about digging up dirt on Trump's then-opponent Hillary Clinton.

And yet, as Chuck Todd shook his head in amazement and tried to get Giuliani to understand what he was saying, the president's lawyer remind blissfully oblivious, denying things he'd just said. In order for spin to work, you have to stop spinning sometimes so you don't get so dizzy the truth comes out.

Giuliani was trying to argue that Trump shouldn't testify because what if what he said was just one version of the truth, at which point Todd interrupted him to remind him that truth is truth. It was then that Giuliani argued, saying that truth isn't truth, blowing Todd's and Oliver's minds.

"You just said ‘Truth isn’t truth,'" Oliver said. "That is not acceptable from the president’s lawyer. It’s barely acceptable from a sophomore philosophy major who just tried molly for the first time."

But that wasn't Giuliani's worst offense in the interview. "Just watch Giuliani, the president’s lawyer whose job is to essentially try and dismiss potentially damning evidence like the Trump tower meeting, basically do the exact opposite," he explained before playing a clip where Giuliani clearly says, "The meeting was originally for the purpose of getting information about Clinton."

"Which in itself is potential collusion," Todd shot back. But by this point, Giuliani had already forgotten what he just said, or was prepared to deny it to his grave... even though the comment was less than a minute old and on tape.

"At this rate, Trump is going to wind up behind bars with Giuliani visiting him and saying, ‘Don’t worry, Donald, prison isn’t prison,'" Oliver joked.

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