Tessa Thompson Spills on Janelle Monae Romance Speculation: 'Don't Have Time to Date'
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The actress, who will once again star alongside Michael B. Jordan in another "Creed" movie this fall, also admits to catfishing strangers on a dating app.

Tessa Thompson doesn't have time to date and once played the role of catfish on a dating app.

Those are the chief takeaways from her new profile in The Cut, which also tried -- and failed -- to get her to dish on what kind of, if any, romance she has with Janelle Monae.

"The truth is Janelle and I are both in a space where we’re trying to push boundaries in terms of the idea of what space a woman of color can occupy," the actress said, adding they both “believe fiercely that people should be free to love who they love." They're not interested, she said, in "super-binary conversations" about "identity or sexuality."

It's her latest cryptic commentary on the relationship speculation, which was sparked by their public appearances as well as Thompson cozying up to Monae in the singer's "PYNK" and "Dirty Computer" music videos. Earlier this summer, she said in an interview that she's "attracted to men and also to women," but this is the closest she came to giving any kind of confirmation that she's dating Monae.

"We love each other deeply," she told Net-A-Porter. "We're so close, we vibrate on the same frequency. If people want to speculate about what we are, that's okay. It doesn't bother me."

But in a tweet sharing the article, she clarified, "I didn’t say I was in a relationship."

While reflecting on that interview with The Cut, she said, "I still haven’t read that piece. I was just speaking candidly. I wasn’t there to sort of make any declarations."

It sounds like the actress -- one of the stars of HBO hit "Westworld," as well as critically acclaimed indie comedy "Sorry to Bother You" -- is just entirely too busy to settle down with one person.

"I currently don’t have time to date," she said. "Also, because dating right now requires that somebody gets on a plane, which is fine, but that’s a lot to ask when you’re first ... It’s a lot of expectation."

Another fun bit: She once catfished people on a dating app with her friends.

"It didn’t go well," she said of what she described as a social experiment. "We had some passive-aggressive and some just like aggressive messages being, like, 'You’re not real!' And I was like, 'And you’re right, I’m not!' Delete."

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