'RHONY' Bad Apple of the Week: Bethenny Gets Blasted on Reunion as 'Liar,' 'Mean Girl,' 'Opportunistic,' 'Bitch'
All the Wildest Moments from the 'RHONY' Season 10 Reunion

Dorinda, Carole and Ramona pile on Bethenny during Part 1 of the "Real Housewives of New York" reunion.

Bethenny Frankel was called everything under the sun on Part 1 of "The Real Housewives of New York" reunion.

Andy Cohen did his best to mediate -- even dropping an F-bomb in an effort to keep the ladies calm -- but they were on a mission.

With Luann de Lesseps in rehab and Tinsley Mortimer staying out of the crossfire, Bethenny had only Sonja Morgan on her side. Carole Radziwill, Dorinda Medley and Ramona Singer spent a straight hour roasting the Skinnygirl mogul.

Below were some of the most heated topics:

'Opportunistic' Bethenny

Andy asked Bethenny about reconnecting with former "RHONY" star Jill Zarin on Season 10. The meetup, unfortunately, took place at Bobby Zarin's funeral. What cameras didn't show was that Ramona and a few of the other Housewives were also in attendance.

While Bethenny was busy telling Andy about the emotional encounter, Ramona mouthed the word "opportunistic" to Dorinda.

"So what I thought was really bizarre -- I'm just jumping right in now," Ramona interrupted, "is that you told the production crew you wanted to film it. We all went without really wanting to film it. We didn't even know you were filming it."

"Actually, we were invited by Jill," Andy corrected. "We wanted to cover the funeral."

"I [didn't] wanna be filmed at Bobby's funeral," Dorinda said. "I find it morbid 'cause Jill's a good friend. I wanted to be informed so I could avoid the cameras at the funeral."

"I said to Bethenny, 'Speak to Jill first,' because I was there and she spoke to her, and then when the cameras were there, she jumped out of the car to be on camera."

Ramona tried to reconnect Bethenny and Jill on Season 3, but her efforts were unsuccessful. She told Bethenny during the reunion she thought her meeting up with Jill at Bobby's funeral was "not a genuine thing."

When Dorinda asked Bethenny if she had gone to lunch with Jill since the funeral, Bethenny said she hadn't.

"I guess no cameras," Dorinda replied. Carole added, "That makes sense."

Bethenny Frankel aka Regina George

At a later point in the evening, Ramona attacked Bethenny for her interview bites, claiming Bethenny "never has anything nice to say" about any of the Housewives.

"You're gonna end up alone because you're bitchy to the men you're with," Ramona said. "You are. You are the mean girl. You are the bully."

"I don't care what you think. I don't wanna talk to you," Bethenny fired back. Ramona replied by yelling, "We all think this!" and pointed at every single one of the ladies, stopping at Sonja and saying, "You -- you're just a puppy here."

The Nutcracker

"I wanna talk about the nutcracker," Andy said. Everyone groaned.

Earlier in the season, Dorinda went out of her way to find a giant, one-of-a-kind nutcracker doll for Bethenny to give to her daughter for Christmas. Dorinda pulled some strings and managed to get it for Bethenny just in the nick of time. Bethenny went wild, but she never really thanked Dorinda.

At the reunion, Dorinda said she did not feel appreciated "at all." Ramona and Carole said they were both "shocked" at Bethenny's over-the-top reaction to the nutcracker and lack of acknowledgement of Dorinda's efforts. Bethenny kept saying that none of what they were saying was true.

"I said I wished you were more gracious to me," Dorinda said. "Then it turned into this whole thing."

Bethenny asserted she thanked Dorinda profusely and sent her texts and videos of her daughter opening the gift.

"I'm sure you did," Dorinda replied. "Off camera."

Ramona's 'Fake' Businesses

Andy read off a question from a viewer asking Bethenny why she wasn't more supportive of Ramona's skincare line. Bethenny replied by rattling off all the businesses Ramona has launched since the show's start.

"And currently, Ramona is still looking feverishly for a lab to create these products because they don't exist yet," she said of the skincare line. "Ramona criticizes Sonja for having fake businesses..."

The ladies let out a collective laugh as Andy played back a clip from 2016 of Bethenny telling Sonja she had "fake businesses."

"You did! Oh, my God!" Ramona yelled. "I can't take her lies anymore! I may walk off for her lies!"

Carole added, "Lie after lie after lie after lie."

"I think it is not ethical to pretend to women at home that it's just so easy to just get these hair extensions and these restaurants," Bethenny said. "She says she's a maven of everything, and she's not a maven of anything!"

Ramona fired back that she put herself through college and was a millionaire at the age of 37.

"I had two f--king homes, Bethenny!" she yelled as she stood up and got in Bethenny's face. "Why can't you support me?! You're such a bitch to me!"

"Because I don't care for you," Bethenny replied. "You've been terrible to me."

The ladies then criticized each other's "fake tits" because of course.

Dorinda's Drinking

Dorinda has had several drunk mishaps on this season of "RHONY." After getting wasted and insulting Bethenny's Puerto Rico relief effort partner, Bethenny called Dorinda "a drunk." At a later time in the season, Dorinda drunkenly got very nasty with Luann over the latter's mug shot and stint in rehab.

Naturally, the topic came up during the reunion, and both Andy and Dorinda pressed Bethenny about what she meant when she called Dorinda "a drunk."

"I heard you during the break saying, 'More labels,'" Bethenny said to Dorinda. "It wasn't a label. I thought I said, 'You're drunk.'"

Bethenny refused to answer whether she believes Dorinda has a drinking problem because she said she was "not qualified" to say.

"If you thought I was in trouble, as a friend and as a person that helps women in crisis, you should have said, 'Dorinda, stay home,'" Dorinda said.

"Of everybody here, the whole season, I've been the one that has called attention to your drinking in a constructive way," Bethenny replied.

Carole shouted, "It's not constructive to call someone a drunk on television, Bethenny."

Bethenny replied, "It's not constructive to call someone a narcissist multiple times on television, but that didn't stop you from calling me one."

"The Real Housewives of New York" reunion continues Wednesday, August 29 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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