'Jersey Shore' Kids: The Next Generation of Fist Pumpers

The "Jersey Shore" went to battle against the "Floribama Shore" on MTV's "Celebrity Fear Factor" -- and things get absolutely wild.

It was a battle between two shores with no snores on Tuesday's epic "Celebrity Fear Factor" season finale.

"Jersey Shore" stars -- Pauly D, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Deena Cortese -- took on "Floribama Shore" stars -- Nilsa Prowant, Jeremiah Buoni, Kirk Medas and Aimee Hall -- in a battle of scorpion kissing and helicopter stunts.

"I don't like heights, I don't like bugs and I'm claustrophobic," Ronnie said at the top of the episode. Does he know what he signed up for?

Hosted by Ludacris, the two teams of four went head-to-head for three rounds of challenges. At the end of each challenge, a team of two was eliminated. At the very end, the winning team was granted $50,000 for their charity of choice.

"I want [my kids] to be at least proud of something that I've done on TV," Snooki joked, adding that her biggest fear was aliens. Her meatball in crime, Deena, said she was "scared of everything," adding that she forgot to take her "freaking Prozac" that morning.

Challenge 1: Spin the Bottle

First was a game of Spin the Bottle, but instead of pointing at people, the bottle landed on one of six critters: a squid, millipedes, scorpions, hornworms, cave-dwelling spiders and crabs. On go, the reality stars had to transfer one of the selected creatures from one box to the other with the help of their partner -- using only their mouths.

Jeremiah and Nilsa were straight savages, managing to move a scorpion, a crab and two cave-dwelling spiders in 1:11.

Pauly and Ronnie were forced to move a hornworm, two crabs and a scorpion -- and Ronnie had the hardest time with that scorpion. At one point, Pauly let out, "He kissed me! He kissed me!" They finished in 5:02.

The meatballs landed on a crab, a millipede, a hornworm and a scorpion. They moved three of the four, but after the scorpion bit Snooki's lip, she spit it out and tapped out of the challenge.

Kirk and Aimee managed to move only a squid (which according to Aimee smelled like "roadkill mixed with throw up"), because when Kirk tried to pass her the scorpion, she freaked out and quit the challenge. They were eliminated.

Challenge 2: Sand Trapped

"If you have any fears of suffocation, you are all going to be terrified for what happened next," Ludacris said before introducing Challenge 2. For the challenge, the remaining reality stars were forced to wear fishbowl helmets that quickly filled up with hundreds of pounds of sand. The goal was to be the team that could withstand the feeling of suffocation for the longest amount of time without tapping out.

Pauly and Ronnie were up first, and the former was more worried about his blowout than anything else. He had to pull his head out of the helmet before the challenge even started, which Ronnie joked was "crazy considering he never pulls out." LOL. The guys withstood the sand for 0:35.

The meatballs were next, and their strategy was to breathe through the challenge as if they were in a Lamaze class. They didn't last as long as the guys did, though, coming in at 0:24.

Jeremiah and Nisla had a rough time with the challenge, especially Jeremiah, who said it felt "just like drowning." Nevertheless, they beat the meatballs and came in at 0:44.

The meatballs were eliminated.

Challenge 3: Bae Rescue

For Challenge 3, each team started off in a helicopter. On go, the reality stars had to climb a rope down into the freezing cold water below them. Once in the water, they had to swim as fast as they could to a speedboat, which took them to a "drowning" dummy, who they then had to rescue. They then had to hook up the dummy to the rope attached to the helicopter. Once the dummy was lifted up to safety, the clock stopped.

Jeremiah and Nilsa were up first, but having experienced a friend go through a helicopter crash, Nisla broke down. She managed to put her anxiety aside, and they killed it. Their time was 3:23.

Pauly and Ronnie were up next. Ronnie was having a hard time dealing with his fear of heights, but once adrenaline kicked in, he was good to go. Ronnie jumped from the boat a bit too early, which may have set the guys back a bit. Their time was 3:34.

Jeremiah and Nisla won bragging rights and $50,000, which they donated to The Mark Scott Foundation.

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