Kanye West Is '100 Percent' Serious About Being President, Apologizes for Slavery Comment, Says This About Trump
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Kanye West reveals he's "100 percent" serious about running for president, apologizes for his slavery comments and responds to critics claiming Trump is racist.

Kanye West has officially fried our brains once again with an hour-long interview about literally everything going on in his head.

More specifically, the rapper/designer dove into those controversial comments he made about slavery on TMZ back in May, his unwavering support for President Donald Trump and his potential run for presidency in 2024.

From the sounds of the sit-down he had with Power92 in Chicago Thursday afternoon, Ye actually feels badly about the impact his controversial comments made on his fans, the black community and the country as a whole -- but he's not sorry he said it.

Kanye also said he didn't realize he was loved until he heard the national "outcry" following his bold proclamation that 400 years of slavery was a choice.

Regarding Trump, Ye doubled down on his stance toward his "brother." Here's his response to those who claim Trump is racist: "If racism was a deal breaker then we need to get out of America, period."

Regarding the presidential election of 2024, Kanye is "100 percent" serious about it and even revealed the name of his future political party.

Paraphrasing Kanye's words simply does not do his elaborate thoughts justice, so here's exactly what he said:

On Those Controversial Slavery Comments

"What you saw was very radical on TMZ. And let me say -- I apologize for the way it made people feel. And also, coming off the MAGA hat into that, it was just too much for anyone to take. And I'm not blaming mental health; I'm explaining mental health by saying that I definitely was ramped up. I definitely was a bit manic. If anyone has people in their family that deals with that, they understand that it can go to like Tourettes level, when people go manic. So y'all got to experience someone that you actually love in the middle of TMZ going manic and saying things that they felt."

"We know everybody knows about everything, a hundred thousand opinions about slavery, especially the black community. And we know everything about something that's racist, and we talk about that all the time, right? We don't know nothing about how Magic Johnson became a billionaire. There's no classes on that. We got history class, right? We don't got now class. We don't got future class. Now the thing is, all time is infinite, all time is now within this universe. The past, the now, the future is all right now. But we're so focused on the past that we can't get passed it."

"I'm not saying that -- in any way as I explain my opinion on it -- to say that it's justified that I hurt people's feelings with it. Let me keep on saying I apologize, and I understand that it was traumatizing, and I understand that it was too much to take at one time, and especially -- specifically -- from me. That was hurtful. So as I talk about this, it's not something that we're just gonna get over in a radio interview. It's gonna take work, and we gotta work together through this. It's like a family. Something happened -- a cousin do something messed up -- it's like, okay, we're gonna have to work through this."

"What you saw on TMZ is someone who's missing Rhymefest, who is missing GOC... It's not a problem of like the Kardashians got you in a sunken place. No, it's like, I didn't have enough of my family around me. And the Kardashians are in a position to afford to have a family around them. And I'm in a position to afford to have my family around me, but I hadn't taken that responsibility because what people do is they put a new bill in front of you -- a new car, a new house, a new this -- people think about numbers too much. People think about who got the No. 1 record, who's doing the most streaming. Man, f--k all that No. 1 all that. It's like the soul, the spirit. We got numbers here, but we got people. The greatest resource that we have is we got each other."

"What you saw on TMZ was a person screaming for love that has lost some of his soul. I didn't realize how much Chicago and the black community loved me until I saw the outcry on how I made them feel. The day before, they were talking shit about an outfit of mine. The day before, my album came out, and they didn't even play it in my own city. The day before, they were talking shit about my family. I didn't feel the love either. Now I know you love me. And with that love, now I know I got something to feed off of. Now I got something to give. I didn't have nothing to feed off of at that point other than people telling me who sold the most."

"One of the things I will say I like about the TMZ situation is you guys got to see an unadulterated version of free thought from someone that has had maximum exposure to the world, maximum exposure to the companies, maximum exposure to fashion, maximum exposure to politics. And then this person, with that, in a ramped up manic state feels this way, feels that it's a choice. It's something to think about. There's a lot of philosophers that died broke, alone or were murdered. 'Ah, Galileo, what do you mean? The sun doesn't revolve around the earth! We gotta kill you for just challenging the thought.' Try new thoughts. They ain't always gonna be right, but let's stop missing the old and try something new. The actual definition of crazy is to keep doing something old, expecting something new."

On His Love of Donald Trump

"When people ask me about the Trump thing, it's like, I like Bernie. I like Hillary. I like Obama. I love everybody. I'm actually riding with everybody. For someone to say you can't ride with both sides...it's like a modern idea of gang banging or something. Even red or blue -- it's still red or blue. It's divisions. We don't need to think in divisions. We need to think in arms because we're actually one race, one people, one civilization. Everything is one. The universe is one. We're the atmosphere. We're the trees. We're the animals. We're everything. We really need to have that consideration. Even if I get into an argument with my wife, I feel her perspective...and I look at what have I done or not done. It's like, to gain a world, but to lose a soul."

"I gotta go away sometimes a little bit and build the relationships. I've been away building a relationship with Elon Musk, building a relationship with Jack Dorsey from Twitter, building a relationship with the president when no one wanted to build a relationship. No one wanted to have a dialogue. Y'all just wanted to be like, 'F--k this n---a. F--k this n---a.' I said, 'Look, I don't agree with all the policies, but y'all ain't gonna make me not talk to him.' And if I gotta be a c--n 'cause I'm talking to him then that's just what it's gonna be, but I'm gonna talk to him. I'm not gonna be controlled by tradition because that's how they got us. It's a choice -- monolithic thought."

"I honestly wanna talk about racism. People are like, 'Man, Trump's racist.' If racism was a deal breaker then we need to get out of America, period. He just shows you what it is. It's like the grass is cut low now. It's like we get to really see it. That's my whole thing -- exposure. Now you can really make a decision for yourself, because otherwise, we would've been pacified. And being pacified, you're not gonna cure the cancer. Now we're woke for real."

On His Presidential Run

When asked if he was serious about running for United States President, Kanye replied, "Yes, 100 percent can happen. 2024."

When asked if he was going to "try it," Kanye replied, "If I decide to do it, it will be done. I'm not gonna try."

"What I wanna say -- I just thought about one of my main things once I'm president -- is the medical industry. I'm gonna make sure that the medical industry flourishes. If there's one thing I've learned from JAY-Z and being married to my wife is you can't f--k up the paper. That's the problem with a lot of the radical leaders of the past -- Ghandi or Luther or Martin -- they're going and they're so righteous and they're liberal and they f--king up the paper. If you're f--king up the paper, your head's gonna get knocked off, period."

"When I become president, I'm not going to go in and f--k up the paper because I'll tell you what -- Trump ain't f--king up the paper. Those jobs are up. Now I'm sure I don't know all the policies. I don't agree with everything that any other man does, period. And I'm not particularly left or right. I thought of the name of my party that I would run with -- The Birthday Party."

When asked about the meaning behind it, Kanye replied, "I don't know -- it's just a joke," and let out a belly laugh.

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