Hollywood Bashes Fox News for Shaming 'Cosby Show' Star Geoffrey Owens Over Trader Joe's Job
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"Again, why is this news?" tweets two-time Emmy winner Patricia Heaton.

The world now knows former "Cosby Show" star Geoffrey Owens is a cashier at Trader Joe's in New Jersey, and fellow actors who are no strangers to day jobs are lashing out against Fox News for "shaming" the thespian for working for an hourly wage in between gigs.

"Fox News making a sideshow out of a guy just minding his business and doing honest work," tweeted "Family Guy" creator and actor Seth MacFarlane after he saw the story last week. "Unfortunately, it fits right in with their darkly inverted code of ethics."

Hollywood officially responded on Labor Day via SAG-AFTRA Foundation, which launched trending Twitter campaign #ActorsWithDayJobs in Owens' honor.

"This #LaborDay, we honor #geoffreyowens & ALL of the hard-working actors & artists who work 1, 2, 3 day jobs in order to pay the bills, take care of their families & still work to entertain us," the organization tweeted Monday morning. "#ActorsWithDayJobs, please share yours! We’re here for u & will RT #ActorsWithDayJobs"

Although Fox is taking most of the heat, The Daily Mail was the original instigator in the situation, publishing pictures of Owens in uniform last Thursday.

Karma Lawrence, the woman who snapped the picture of the 57-year-old working actor, told the Mail she was surprised to see the actor who famously played Elvin Tibideaux -- the husband of Cosby kid Sondra Huxtable -- on the classic sitcom working at a grocery store.

"I would have thought after 'The Cosby' Show he would maybe be doing something different," she said. "It was a shock to see him working there and looking the way he did."

To add more insult to injury, she added, "It made me feel really bad. I was like, 'Wow, all those years of doing the show and you ended up as a cashier.'"

Owens played Elvin on 44 episodes of "The Cosby Show," and has since racked up a total of 41 credits as an actor. Most recently, he's booked roles on CBS crime drama "Elementary," NBC drama "The Blacklist," HBO dramedy "Divorce" and even Fox show "Lucifer" (as pictured above).

Other prominent TV stars, including Patricia Heaton, Pamela Adlon and Blaire Underwood, were not happy to see Owens' day job becoming a national news story. And now thanks to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Owens' story has turned into a public awareness campaign encouraging actors to share their struggles to make ends meet while pursuing their passion.