You Want Famous Feuds!? Plenty More Where That Came From

"I’ve been better than you this entire f--king decade," the retired rapper says on "The Joe Budden Podcast."

Eminem has another famous hater lashing out over his new album "Kamikaze."

Joe Budden, a retired rapper who was once on Em's Shady Records as a member of hip-hop group Slaughterhouse, used his podcast to respond to Marshall Mathers referencing a 2014 domestic violence charge against him that was ultimately dropped.

"Somebody tell Budden before I snap, he better fasten it / Or have his body baggage zipped / The closest thing he’s had to hits is smacking bitches," Eminem rapped on his new track "Fall."

"You thought that domestic violence bar would get Joe out the bed? You got the f--king nerve. Insecure man," Budden said on Wednesday's episode "The Joe Budden Podcast."

"I’ve been better than you this entire f--king decade," Budden said at another point in the long conversation about Eminem. "I’m a content n---a. You have not said anything for the better part of a whole f--king decade. You have rhymed a bunch of words."

Other unkind adjectives Budden used to describe Eminem: "dated," "uninformed," "trash."

But it wasn't all trash talking. Budden started the conversation with giving Eminem some props. "Everything I was mad about on the last album was fixed here."

"Eminem is the best rhymer of words in the world," Budden conceded at one point. "Know the hip-hop I fell in love with? The hip-hop that said you gotta say something. I personally haven't heard that Marshall in quite some time."

Budden's response to being called out on "Kamikaze" arrived two days after Machine Gun Kelly dropped a diss track called "Rap Devil," devoted entirely to trashing Eminem. Much like MGK, Budden began trending on Twitter after dropping his diss podcast. Listen to the entire thing below.

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