Ariana Grande's Ponytail Saves the Day During Ridiculous 'Tonight Show' Sketch
"The Tonight Show"
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Ariana Grande's sky-high ponytail has a life of its own -- and Jimmy Fallon has a lot of questions.

Ariana Grande's sky-high ponytail is almost as famous as she is -- but after saving the day on the set of "The Tonight Show" Wednesday, it might have just overthrown the "Sweetener" singer.

When Jimmy Fallon stopped by Ariana's dressing room before the show, she offered him a drink -- but it wasn't her who handed it to him.

Ariana's ponytail inched toward the fridge and handed Jimmy a can of La Croix. Before the bewildered comedian could ask any questions, Ariana sneezed, prompting her ponytail to hand her a tissue.

The pop star's phone then rang. After her ponytail answered the phone and handed it to her, there was a knock on the door. Questlove wanted Ariana's autograph on his copy of her new album, but she was clearly preoccupied with an important phone call, so her pony went ahead and took care of that for her.

"Ariana, wait, wait, wait, stop, stop, stop," Jimmy said when she finally hung up. "When did this whole thing with your hair start?"

"I mean, I've like always worn it in a ponytail," she replied before the two heard screams coming from the hallway.

"My purse! My purse!" a woman was yelling. "Stop that man! He's got my purse!"

"I got this," Ariana said to Jimmy as the two watched her ponytail race toward the purse-snatcher, trip him, flip him, toss him into the air and put him in handcuffs. The ponytail then returned the purse to the distraught woman.

Watch the ridiculous sketch in the video above.

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