'Big Brother' Season 20 Cast Revealed

Scottie got personal and very vulgar on live television during his "save-me" speech on "Big Brother," but did it help him stay in the game?

Well that's one way to give a "save-me" speech on "Big Brother." One way we wouldn't recommend for anyone to do.

Scottie found himself back on the block the same week he battled his way from the jury and back into the house, and he proved to be every bit as wild and unpredictable as everyone in the house says he is by getting censored not once, but twice on live television.

Did he make the best of this opportunity and try to shake up the game with his second chance? Not really. Could have have changed his fate anyway? Honestly, probably not. Level 6 just doesn't seem ready to turn on one another, despite production telling us over and over again that they're about to.

Julie Chen told us there are less than three weeks to play in the game. After tonight's eviction, there were seven people, and that's way too many. So next week we finally get the always unpredictable "Double Eviction," where we see a full week of "Big Brother" competitions play out live and in a single hour.

It's always chaotic, and without time to scramble and lobby, the second person evicted often comes as a huge surprise. Honestly, we kind of expect JC to thrive in this environment -- if he doesn't get the boot -- because he lives on spreading paranoia. He might be able to sneak out a threat to his game, which if he's smart would be Tyler or Angela.

"We're going to run this season like you'd run a department store. Each product, or Houseguest, may have come in with equal value, but pretty quickly you start to see that certain ones aren't working. First, you try discounting them to see if they can turn things around and become solid performers again. But if that doesn't work, it's time to put them on clearance so you can sell them out (the door). With that said, let's take a look at our inventory, ranked from our strongest performer to our weakest.

SPOTLIGHT ITEM: Scottie's Potty Mouth

But first, there was an eviction to get through, and an opportunity for Scottie to try and lobby the house to save him. Actually, these are purely ceremonial most weeks because the house already knows what it's going to do. Perhaps that's why Scottie took potshots at Tyler and Angela, getting so crass that the censors were scrambling to cut the sound.

"“I think you all know the right move and the smart move and I hope that you make it. If you don’t then you can suck it, except for Tyler because he’s already getting a steady diet of that--" Scottie said before they cut him (probably wishing they'd been a little quicker on the button. But Live Feed viewers filled in a couple of additional words, even though his meaning appears to be perfectly clear.

According to the other Houseguests talking about his speech after, Scottie said, "He's already getting a steady diet of that Hilton Head." Hilton Head is the name of the town that, weirdly enough, both Tyler and Angela are from. Scottie's double-meaning is painfully clear and definitely NSFTV! For his troubles, he was evicted again by unanimous vote.


Tyler (even) is holding on the top spot, but it's getting more tenuous week by week as his showmance is solidified and people are starting to see what a threat he is. If Level 6 stays loyal too long, he might lock this up. If they start to turn on one another now, which is probably the right move with the numbers and players that are left, it could get interesting.

Kaycee (even) is building a stronger and stronger case for herself in this game. She just picked up her first HOH win after back-to-back Vetoes. Even better for her game, she has played an incredibly loyal game and a surprisingly honest one. She's not had to lie or backstab much of anyone because the more visible members of Level 6 (Tyler and Angela) have been doing it for her. She is very close to rising to the top of these rankings.

Haleigh (up 4) is going to be our gamble this week. We think it's time for Level 6 to start thinking of the end of the game, and Haleigh may be a better number to have on someone's side when L6 implodes. She's got no one in the house, which would make her a loyal ally if someone wants to actually flip this game. It's probably just wishful thinking and she'll go next as Kaycee plays a very direct game and Haleigh is L6's clear next target. But we can always hope for something interesting.

Brett (even) made a very smart move, plying Scottie for jury intel before Scottie got evicted again. He now knows that Angela may have even worse jury management than he does, giving him a logical target in the game. Brett looks ready to flip on Level 6 as he's definitely the fourth wheel of that group. He needs to act right now, though, to make that happen, and yet he once again said he's loyal to Level 6. Blind loyalty too far gets you jury, dude. Pay attention!


Angela (down 2) is being targeted in the house for her showmance with Tyler, which hints of sexism considering it takes two to showmance, but this is American in microcosm. Nevertheless, she has also proven herself a ruthless competitor and dispassionate player, making her a real threat. She's in the crosshairs of several people, but we're not sure anyone will have the nerve to pull the trigger -- and certainly not Kaycee this week -- but it could be coming soon.

JC (even) is trying his best to overturn the L6 apple cart, but they are so very loyal and he may have played his cards too openly in front of them before now. He is a master manipulator and brilliant at sowing chaos with little lies, but too many people in L6 know this is what he does, so they see through it. Even Brett, who should be listening to him with a more open mind, says he's just giving JC what he wants to hear. He also said he's down with JC blowing up Tyngela, so maybe there's hope yet.


Sam (down 2) is so forgettable in this game that when Season 16 winner Derek Levasseur ran down the reasons each of the remaining Houseguests could still win the game, he forgot her entirely. That about sums it up. But she's a helpful vote for Tyler, so she won't get booted until her usefulness is over.


  • "Good old Scottie might be feeling the Level 6 blindside heat this week. I do feel bad a little but, but it's good for old time's sake." --Tyler

  • "I'm so happy you're back this week." --Tyler
  • "Oh, you guys care about me." --Scottie
  • "You have no idea." --Tyler (care about getting you out, maybe)

  • "She 100 percent run from that bed to this couch. You think that I am like stupid or something." --JC (he totally heard Angela scramble from Tyler's bed from the hallway!)

  • "Do you think JC's more threatening than Haleigh, with all of his little tactics and sneaky." --Angela (talking to Tyler)

  • "Alright, hold on. Back it up a little bit. Can not be taking shots at JC yet. That is not good for my game, whatsoever. This is when it like gets really tricky for me and it just sucks dude ... Like, I like Angela a lot and I know JC wants to come for her and gamewise it's way better for me to just let JC take a shot at her because I can't do it myself. I just feel so selfish, but I came here to win. I can't throw away my whole game to keep her safe." --Tyler

  • "Yeah, of course. I'm gonna evict Scottie this week. But Scottie has information that no one else has. He's been to the jury house. He knows what they're thinking. I'm absolutely gonna take advantage of this scenario and I'm gonna pump him for as much information as possible. Feed me." --Brett

  • "What I heard, from Bayleigh and Rockstar, was that you're the one that Angela wanted to keep here as a shield." --Scottie
  • "They're not actually working with me but I am a shield." --Brett
  • "Yes."

  • "The only person I think they would rather see evicted than Brett is Angela. So if I hand them on a silver platter exactly what they want, just maybe I might be able to gain their jury votes." --Brett (talking about the jury)

  • "Sam and Haleigh are someone we have to literally keep in the house. They want to kill each other. They will never come for us." --JC (to Brett)

  • "I think you all know the right move and the smart move and I hope that you make it. If you don't then you can suck it, except for Tyler because he's already getting a steady diet of that [Hilton Head]." --Scottie (censored for vulgarity during save-me speech, but Live Feed viewers filled in the blank that he was referring to Tyler and Angela's hometown of Hilton Head and ... well, yeah)

  • "I had a feeling they were going to get rid of me." --Scottie (to Julie Chen after eviction)
  • "Why?'
  • "'Cause they're not very good liars."

  • "I had the Power App for two months and never had to use it. Tell your friends." --Tyler (working that jury in his farewell video)
  • "You gonna go back and tell the jury?" --Julie
  • "I'm not telling them nothing!" --Scottie

"Big Brother" airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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