Jim Carrey's Malibu Abode

"This whole thing has brought back my eight-year-old self," Carrey said of his new career as a painter.

Jim Carrey believes his political art has been a "gift from God."

The comedic icon turned visual artist talked about his politically inspired paintings and drawings while appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Thursday.

The "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" actor's humorous depictions of Donald Trump and other political figures have grabbed headlines with their provocative imagery -- including Robert Mueller "putting the squeeze" on a POTUS doll, the prez as a piece of toast, and Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in Space Force astronaut suits.

Carrey explained that creating this art has been a blessing.

"This whole thing has brought back my eight-year-old self," Carrey said. "It's been a gift from God. It's like literally like brought me back to eight years old where I used to sit in my room."

Kimmel asked the comedian if he would draw caricatures of his friends as a child. Carrey explained that he wouldn't only do that, but would draw pictures of his teacher.

"I was at the back of the classroom drawing pictures of her getting attacked and missiled and axes in her head and things like that," he said." I hadn't learned how to be correct yet."

Carrey added that the "super, ultra-hip" teacher confiscated all of the drawings, but sent them back to him years later when he became a star.

"Once I got famous, she sent them all back to me," he continued. "It's like she knew what was going to happen in the world...she saw the divine spark, Jimmy!"

An Incredible Scooter Entrance

When stopping by the late-night show, Carrey arrived in an unusual manner by riding in on a Bird scooter. However, before he came out on the popular, trendy form of transportation, he participated in a full-on comedy bit.

The absurd, yet hilarious sketch featured "The Mask" star riding throughout Los Angeles and Hollywood Boulevard wearing a red jumpsuit and motorcycle helmet. While Birding (is that a verb now?) Carrey shaved his face, painted a Sarah Huckabee Sanders cartoon, and clipped his toenails.

Carrey then arrived at the Supreme Court in D.C. for nominee Brett Kavanaugh's hearings and yelled: "I'm out of order! You're out of order! This whole thing is out of order!"

"The Grinch" star ultimately arrived at his destination inside Kimmel's studio. Carrey made sure to do some laps around the stage and even got the audience involved.

"I love it!" Carrey yelled. "You can pick them up anywhere and you can just drop them wherever you need to!"

On His New Show "Kidding"

Carrey was at the late-night show to promote his new Showtime series "Kidding," where he plays a children's television host Mr. Pickles, similar to that of the late Mr. Rodgers.

"The show is about a beautiful human being with a huge heart that everybody's trying to protect," Carrey explained. "And lightning hits his life. And everybody's super concerned that he's gonna fall apart and take the whole shooting match with him."

"Mr. Rogers would come out on a show like this and he would be so absolutely authentic that you can't find the irony," he continued. "We're really reminding people that we're all innocent. We still have it. We haven't lost it. No Trump can take it away from us. It will always be there."

Carrey added that Mr. Rogers was an example to remind people to remember their "total belief in goodness."

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