Bradley Cooper and Another 'A Star Is Born' Actor Make Lady Gaga Tear Up on 'Good Morning America'
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The leading lady in "A Star Is Born" gets emotional on camera as cast of upcoming drama reflects on their bond and chemistry.

Lady Gaga and the rest of the cast of "A Star Is Born" appearing on "Good Morning America" Monday morning were on the verge of breaking down in tears throughout the interview.

Gaga and newcomer Anthony Ramos were the most emotional, with the critically acclaimed film's leading lady wiping away tears as Ramos reflected on escaping a life of poverty through acting, thanks to his drama teacher.

"I grew up in the projects," he said. "Virtually I had no chance, and I had this woman that said, 'I'm not giving up on you. Ever."

The film's director and leading man Bradley Cooper also appeared to be wiping away a tear or two while listening to the younger actor. And then he made Gaga's eyes tear up again when he started to praise her talent.

"I'm just so glad God gave her the talent that she has and he chose her, because that’s quite a vessel to go through," Cooper said. "Because it’s really what you do with it, and she's such a beautiful human being."

Gaga interjected, "So are you. Thank you."

"We had instant chemistry when I met him," Gaga said, and added that his singing voice stunned her when she first heard it. "he began to sing, I stopped dead in my tracks and I said, 'Oh my gosh, Bradley your voice, you can sing."

Gaga also shared the best advice Cooper gave her about acting. "What he taught me was know your lines, but really know the story that you're telling, what you're trying to say."

Cooper said he doesn't like to rehearse lines, adding, "All we're trying to do is not act, that's all we're trying to do."

"A Star Is Born" premiered at the Venice Film Festival earlier this summer to rave reviews. It's the latest remake of a story that Hollywood has been telling since 1937, when Janet Gaynor played an aspiring actress who gets her start in Hollywood with the help of Fredric March's character, an alcoholic leading man whose best days are behind him. In 1976, Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson played musicians falling for each other in another popular adaptation of the story.

The 2018 version stars Cooper as an alcoholic country singer whose life is falling apart as he mentors and falls for Gaga's character, an insecure songwriter with a natural flare for the stage. "A Star Is Born" hits theaters Oct. 4.

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