Every Dude in Hollywood Who's Been Fired Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Stephen Colbert kicks off "The Late Show" on Monday night with his thoughts on the "extremely disturbing" accusations against former CBS CEO Les Moonves, and his removal from the company.

Stephen Colbert wasted no time digging into his now-former boss, Les Moonves, at the top of his monologue Monday night on "The Late Show."

The host had addressed the first wave of accusations levied against Moonves in late July, and he wasted no time in exploring some of the gritty details of the latest "extremely disturbing" Ronan Farrow expose, which featured seven more women accusing the high-ranking executive of sexual harassment and assault. Moonves has denied the allegations.

"It's never a good sign when you're the subject of a Ronan Farrow double dip," Colbert joked before going into the story of one woman who said that Moonves excused himself from the room to get a glass of wine only to return with pants and aroused.

"Wow, that is an impressive way to open a bottle of wine," Colbert joked, but it wasn't all jokes from the comedian. He didn't delve too deeply into the story, because it is ongoing and still developing, but he did note that he wasn't surprised that this was the last straw for Moonves at the company.

"Les Moonves is gone," he said. "Or at least nine months until he does a set at the Comedy Cellar." That last was a nod at Louis C.K. who gave an unscheduled and controversial stand-up set just nine months after accusations -- which he admitted were true -- were laid at his feet.

As part of his exit from the network, Moonves and CBS said they will donate $20 million to "one or more organizations that support the #MeToo movement and equality for women in the workplace."

"Untrue allegations from decades ago are now being made against me that are not consistent with who I am," he said in a statement. "I am deeply saddened to be leaving the company. I wish nothing but the best for the organization, the newly comprised board of directors and all of its employees."

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