Ariel Winter Bashes Disney Star David Henrie for Packing Loaded Gun in Airport Luggage
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The "Modern Family" star criticizes the actor for what she believes could have been "a deadly mistake," and claps right back at criticism directed at her.

Ariel Winter unloaded on former "Wizards of Waverly Place" star David Henrie for packing a loaded gun in his luggage during a trip to the Los Angeles International Airport earlier this week.

As TMZ reported Monday, the actor who played Selena Gomez's brother on the Disney Channel sitcom was arrested once TSA discovered the loaded M&P Shield 9mm pistol in his bag. After he was released from jail, the 29-year-old said he "unintentionally brought" the firearm, which he legally owns. Winter didn't buy his excuse, though.

" didn’t notice the loaded gun in your bag when you were packing for the airport?????" Winter tweeted late Monday. "In other words...why was your gun not stored safely in a place where you knew where it was and why in the f--k was it loaded??"

Winter said she is a licensed gun owner herself, but "would never, ever accidentally bring my firearm anywhere."

"I lock them up legally and know where they are at all times. That could be a deadly mistake."

In a statement he released, the actor apologized for the incident and said he was “humiliated and embarrassed."

While responding to people defending Henrie on Twitter, Winter said she's "glad he apologized" but pointed out "a bigger issue."

"If he wasn’t a celebrity would he just be able to say sorry and walk away after bringing a loaded firearm in his bag to the airport?" the "Modern Family" star asked.

No celebrity Twitter feed discussion is complete without a sassy clapback, and that's exactly what Winter dropped when someone tried to give her some 'tude.

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