Gayle King Calls Out CBS for Keeping Les Moonves Investigation Results Confidential
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"In our own house we must have transparency," says the CBS This Morning co-host, on CBS.

"CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King criticized her own network on Tuesday, addressing Les Moonves' forced resignation on her first day on the air since the story broke.

King was attending a wedding over the weekend and missed Monday's taping, but called out CBS today over one particularly "disturbing" aspect of Moonves' exit deal.

While the company hired two outside law firms to investigate the allegations against Moonves, it also agreed to "seek to preserve the confidentiality" of the reports "to the maximum extent possible consistent with fiduciary duties of directors and all applicable laws."

"It hits so close to home for us I'm sick and sick of the story and sickened by everything we keep hearing," King said to her co-hosts. "But the part you mentioned about transparency is very disturbing to me because I would think, how can you have this investigation and not know how it comes out?"

"Les Moonves has been on the record, he says listen, he didn't do these things, that it was consensual, that he hasn't hurt anybody's career and I would think it would be in his best interest for us to hear what the report finds out," she continued.

"On the other hand, you have women who are coming forward, very credibly, talking about something that's so painful and so humiliating," King added. "It's been my experience that women don't come out and speak this way for no reason. They just don't. They just don't do it. And so I don't know how we move forward if we don't — we at CBS — don't have full transparency about what we find."

King went on to say that, "In our own house we must have transparency," before adding that she "feels" for Moonves' wife and fellow CBS employee Julie Chen.

"She's in a very difficult position and Les Moonves has done some wonderful things for this company and we can't forget that either," she added. "It's just a bad situation all the way around, but I'm glad we're covering this story and its important that we cover it and get to the bottom of whatever it is."

King isn't the first CBS employee to speak out on the scandal. On Monday, Chen's co-hosts on "The Talk" had an emotional and frank discussion about the news, while Stephen Colbert also addressed it on his show last night.