Sean Hannity Slams 'The View' for 'Vicious, Vile Attacks' on Melania Trump
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Fox News star says "nobody watches" the popular ABC daytime talk show.

Sean Hannity dedicated an entire segment to trashing "The View" and "Joy-less" Behar on Monday night over their "vicious, vile attacks" on first lady Melania Trump, and even gave Jimmy Kimmel another shoutout.

"She’s a good mother, represents our country well, and I can’t believe the vicious, vile attacks," the Fox News host complained. "Never-ending. Like that idiot, Jimmy Kimmel."

"I've had it," he said at the start of the venting session with friends Jeanine Pirro and Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce. "Leave the wife of the president and leave the children alone and leave the women that serve their country alone. Because if Republicans did this, we know what the reaction would be."

Hannity and his panel took issue with "The View" reading Melania's response to that anti-Donald Trump New York Times op-ed written by an anonymous member of the president's administration, with Behar joking, "Who wrote that? Michelle Obama?" That's a reference to Melania appearing to copy passages from Michelle's speech for her 2016 RNC address. Hannity and his crew also weren't happy to see Behar on CNN commenting on Melania's family benefiting from chain migration, which President Trump has described as "horrible" and wants to eliminate from U.S. immigration policy.

After Pirro referenced being booted from "The View" after an on-air spat with Whoopi Goldberg, followed by an even nastier off-camera shouting match, Hannity took another dig at the ABC talk show. "Nobody watches," he said.

"They don't scare me, but here's the bottom line," Pirro said. "There is so much hatred by the left toward the right that all of the sudden racism is acceptable, sexism is acceptable, derogatory statements -- look, I know Melania Trump, the woman speaks five languages, she is extremely classy and bright."

Pirro proceeded to take shots at former first lady Michelle Obama throughout the segment, and praised Melania as an "elegant," "classy" woman

Bruce suggested "The View" was a group of "mean girls" jealous of Melania.

"Even the Joy Behar remarks implied horribly that the first lady is a prostitute, that she's doing things for a certain reason just to get stuff, whee in fact I think we're dealing with some projection here, aren't we," she said, adding that "the first lady's approval rating" is higher "than anybody on 'The View.'"

And if you're wondering why Hannity referenced ABC late-night host Kimmel briefly, revisit their longstanding feud below. You won't be disappointed.