Joy Behar on Trump: 'God Forbid' if He 'Lives Another 20 Years'
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"He lies. He's a sociopath. I'm telling you," the host said to the audience.

Joy Behar worries how much longer President Donald Trump will remain in office.

During "The View" Wednesday morning, Behar and the roundtable discussed their frustration over the way Trump addressed Puerto Rico's recovery after Hurricane Maria. While POTUS called the recovery effort an "incredible success," the women ripped his self-centered response, with Abby Huntsman referring to his speech as "indefensible." Behar claimed all of Trump's erratic behavior stems from him being a "sociopath" who is incapable of telling the truth.

"Unfortunately the real power is in the presidency and that's what it is," Behar said. "He's the one who calls the shots so he has to take the blame. This man will never apologize. If he lives another 20 years, God forbid. If he lives another 20 years, he could live to 105... He will never ever backtrack or tell the truth."

"He's incapable of telling the truth you realize, people need to understand," she said. "Bob Woodward's book 'Fear' the main thing he comes away with is that the guy is incapable of telling the truth. This is a lie. Everything's a lie, every single day."

Behar added that even Trump's administration "cannot reason" with him.

"[Trump] never backtracks," she said. "He never says 'okay, I'm changing my mind.' They show him the facts, he disputes it. He lies. He's a sociopath. I'm telling you."

After the show returned from a commercial break, Behar clarified her comments and said what she really meant was that she hopes Trump doesn't stay in office much longer.

"I don't wish the president ill, I really don't," she said. "I just want him out. I mean sometimes I hear him say things like, I could be president for life and it's like, no! It's really about that. I would never say something -- I didn't mean that, what I said."

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