Kendall Jenner Viciously Body Shamed on Twitter After Nude Pictures Leak Online
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The pictures are from an upcoming book by photographer Russell James that features nude and provocative images of several Victoria's Secret "Angels."

Nude pictures of Kendall Jenner leaked in the late hours on Tuesday, and by Wednesday morning, she had been subjected to a litany of reactions, including extensive body shaming.

The photos were taken by photographer Russell James and intended for release in his upcoming book, "Angels." According to TMZ, they were released without his permission. But, as one would expect, the pictures wasted no time circulating across and throughout social media.

The response, though, has been more mixed than one might expect for professional photos of a young model, with many expressing shock and even dismay over the pictures on Twitter. Jenner has also been subjected to extensive body shaming for the shoot, with users calling out the model for her slight frame and lack of signature Kardashian-family curves.

Still others, like Brandi Glanville, came to the junior "Kardashian's" defense, calling out those who would shame her with the same breath they attack the elder Kardashians for alleged surgeries to accentuate their curves. The hypocrisy of people never ceases to amaze and their capacity to tear others down seems limitless.

Oh, the Internet. You never let us down. You are truly awful. Check out the full range of reactions -- from shocked to shaming to supportive -- below:




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