7 Stars Who Say Trump Tried to Date Them

"It's going to be a long three weeks before the book comes out for Donald Trump," says the porn star's lawyer, Michael Avenatti.

Stormy Daniels is dropping a tell-all book about her life next month, and you better believe there will be more dirt on her romp with Donald Trump a decade before he was president.

While appearing on "The View" Wednesday, the porn star announced her book "Full Disclosure" will go on sale Oct. 2, but cautioned "it's not all about Trump."

She's actually been working on it for the last 10 years and said "there's a lot in the book" about her life, including her childhood and career in adult entertainment. She promised her stories will "blow your mind" and she's giving more details about her night allegedly in bed with Trump, but stressed that affair "doesn't define me."

The book will be dedicated to her daughter, but Daniels isn't allowing her little girl to read about her x-rated adventures until she grows up.

Daniels appeared alongside her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, to make the announcement and chat more about her ongoing fight to beat a non-disclosure agreement she signed after Michael Cohen paid $130,000 for her silence about allegedly having sex with Trump.

"It's going to be a long three weeks before the book comes out for Donald Trump," Avenatti said.

While Cohen had previously denied making the payment, then said he made the payment during the 2016 presidential election on his own without the knowledge of Trump, he finally flipped after taking a plea deal for eight felony charges. In a court of law, he admitted his boss directed him to make the payment. crimes and admitted.

"I was so overwhelmed, I just broke down into sobs," she said. "People call me all kinds of name and who cares, but to be called a liar ... had really taken it’s toll. "It was just so —- yes, vindicated. I felt like all this weight came off my shoulders."

But the ladies "The View" wanted to know if the pair felt they could even trust any of Cohen's testimony after he's lied so much.

Daniels said, "Cautiously. I’m hopeful. I don’t know if I believe it, but I’m hopeful."

"I think now he’s going to tell the truth," Avenatti said. "I don’t still entirely trust him, but look I think if it’s a competition for truth-telling between him and Donald Trump, I’m going to put my money on Michael Cohen."

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