First Look at 'This is Us' Season 3

James Corden confidently creates the ultimate rock collaboration and Dr. Phil is more than game to put on some makeup and help make Good Charlotte great (Charlotte) again!

"The Late Late Show" host James Corden knew that there was something missing and that's why Good Charlotte had yet to achieve the status of Great Charlotte. And that something, obviously, was Dr. Phil.

Such was the premise of a hilarious sketch that saw Corden reveal his other vocation as a "renowned music performance enhancement coach." He then approached the band with his brilliant new idea to push them to the next level.

Good Charlotte were clearly good sports about the whole thing, but it worked mostly because Dr. Phil was all in. ""I'm here to rock this bitch," he said excitedly upon entering the room. "Let's do it."

But while he was putting on makeup and fake tattoos to better capture that signature Good Charlotte look, he was still Dr. Phil at heart, completely with down-home colloquialisms.

"This is just so exciting, I'm like a pig in the mud," he said during a confessional. "I cannot thank James enough."

But then it came time to perform and it was ... well, we'll let James Corden critique his collaborative masterpiece. "I'll be the first to admit, I got that very, very wrong," he said. "If anything, that was Bad Charlotte."

Tell that to Dr. Phil, though, who couldn't have been more excited. "Nailed it!" he shouted euphorically after the performance. "I knew it was what I needed to be doing. It's like I always say, when you get the right chicken in the right coop, pretty soon, you're eating scrambled eggs, man!"

Alas, this would be the only performance for Phil Charlotte, as the band decided to cut the good doctor loose. But we'll always have the image of him screaming into the microphone with deep eyeliner on. Like, always. Like, we can't get rid of it.

It's still there.

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